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What customers are saying about OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers

Volgo-Vyatskiy bank, Sberbank OAO

Headquartered 400 kilometers east of Moscow in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia's fifth largest city, Volgo-Vyatskiy bank, Sberbank OAO is one of the 17 independent regional banks affiliated with Sberbank, the leader of the Russian banking industry.

"It would be expensive and time-consuming to move core banking software to another operating system, and the bank sees no benefit in doing that. OpenVMS continues to work very well and supports our transition to the Integrity platform."

sberbank logo Igor Pyltsov,
Deputy of IT Director
Volgo-Vyatskiy Bank, Sberbank

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics is the leader in diagnostic testing, offering convenient access to high-quality testing and services. The company has laboratories in or near all major U.S. cities, as well as testing laboratories on both coasts equipped to handle some of the most specialized tests, such as genetic screening and anatomic pathology testing. Quest Diagnostics serves doctors and hospitals, as well as corporations, government agencies, and other clinical labs. The company also has a growing international presence, including laboratory operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico and India.

"We rely on HP OpenVMS running on HP systems to ensure that diagnostic tests are completed correctly, around the clock, and get into the hands of awaiting physicians — all while patient information and test results remain secure."

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated logo Jim Diorio
Executive Director - IT Infrastructure
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated

Yartoo Software Pty Ltd

Yartoo Software Pty Ltd is an Australian developer of custom software solutions. Their specialty is solutions involving the HP OpenVMS and Microsoft Windows operating systems; and the Oracle/Rdb, Microsoft SQL Server, and Interbase relational databases. An example of a successful Yartoo Software project is the Real-time Abattoir Management System (RAMS), a fully integrated information and production control system for abattoirs. The company also provides services to support the solutions they develop, and for other areas of the customer's business as well.

"We set up our environment which consisted of two 4GB Oracle Rdb databases, CMS, MMS, and HP C, compiled approximately 500K lines of C and SQL Module language code, and had the core applications running in around 6 hours. The Rdb databases converted from V7.1.4 to V7.2 with no problems. Performance was excellent. One of the best things about OpenVMS on Integrity is exactly that—it is OpenVMS."

Yartoo Software logo Mark Hurcombe
Yartoo Software Pty Ltd

Flinders Medical Center

Flinders Medical Center (FMC) is a 500 bed public teaching hospital and medical school located in Adelaide, South Australia. It is co-located with Flinders University and Flinders Private Hospital. Since opening in 1976, FMC has earned an international reputation as one of Australia's finest public teaching hospitals and as a center for research excellence. With more than 3,500 skilled staff, FMC is unique in South Australia in providing an extensive range of services for patients of all ages.

"How easy is this? Porting our 1.5 million lines of code (Pascal, C, RDML/Pascal, and SQLMOD) to OpenVMS on Integrity required no code changes at all. As always with OpenVMS, it just worked."

Flinders Medical Center logo Chris Barratt
Information Systems Development Manager
Flinders Medical Center (Australia)

Saturn Electrohandels

Saturn Electrohandels is a music retailer and consumer electronics chain with 120 satellite stores throughout Germany, Austria, France, and Italy. The Saturn Music Dome in the Cologne superstore houses the world's largest CD and DVD collection in the world, and offers shoppers instant and continuous access to a selection of more than 300,000 CDs. Saturn's music-browsing platform features 300 listening stations providing split-second response, and routinely spin upwards of 40,000 CDs per day.

"After assessing other companies' offerings, we determined that a platform of HP Integrity servers with OpenVMS was our preferred solution. The HP configuration offers the best clustering and superior price/performance benefits."

Saturn logo Rainer Schulte
IT manager
Saturn Electrohandels GmbH

Australian Securities Exchange

The Australian Securities Exchange, one of the world's top 10 listed exchange groups, spans the markets for corporate control, capital formation, and price discovery and functions as an operator, supervisor, central counterparty clearer, and payments system facilitator. The diverse domestic and international customer base of the Australian Securities Exchange includes issuers of a variety of listed securities, corporates, investment banks, trading banks, fund managers, hedge funds, CTAs, and proprietary and retail traders. ASX recently attended a porting workshop to migrate their OpenVMS code to OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers.

"Transitioning OpenVMS Alpha to OpenVMS Integrity - its easy! In less than half a day we compiled, linked and ran one of our subsystems, containing over 500,000 lines of Pascal code, only changing 5 lines of code."

ASX logo Jeff Olsson
Group Executive - Technology
Australian Securities Exchange

Knapp Logistik Automations GmbH

Knapp is a global leader in logistics integration and warehouse automation. With over 50 years experience in services ranging from logistical simulation, layout design, and staff training, Knapp tailors solutions for distribution center operations and can assume technical operations upon client request. The company's 2004 revenue of US$180 million is testimony to its success as a one-stop solution provider, while its heritage of innovation has shaped the history of warehouse automation.

"The transition from AlphaServer to our new Itanium-powered HP Integrity servers was very straightforward. The OpenVMS operating system is extremely stable. We now expect to reap the rewards of the new configuration Integrity servers will bring us."

LogicaCMG logo Robert Zöbinger
Software developer
Knapp Logistik Automations GmbH


LogicaCMG helps the world's top network operators, service providers, and content aggregators increase revenues, enhance customer loyalty, and capitalize on opportunities offered by convergence. With clients serving more than one billion customers in 135 countries across six continents, LogicaCMG delivers more than half of the world's text and multimedia messages and serves three-quarters of all videomail users. Moreover, LogicaCMG was the first to enable management decision making based on real-time analysis of subscriber behavior. LogicaCMG payment systems have processed over US$100 billion. In addition, they enabled the TV show, American Idol, to interact with a record-breaking 60-million voters.

"Two-thirds of the world's text messages sent daily are transported by the renowned LogicaCMG Short Messaging Service Center, so we must continue to innovate and offer feature-rich software and high-end computing. With HP Integrity BL860c Server Blades and the OpenVMS operating system supporting our newest SMSC release, we can provide our customers the next major advancement in flexibility, capacity, and high availability—all at a highly competitive price."

LogicaCMG logo Henk de Boer
Senior Vice President, Messaging

ESME-Sudria School of Engineering

ESME-Sudria School of Engineering, located in the Paris district of Ivry-sur-Seine, was founded in 1905. It currently provides approximately 1,400 students with a strong technological education based on both theoretical and practical knowledge using the best and newest technology. Its mission is to apply the skills and expertise of the 320 members of its faculty and research staff to the training of engineers in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, and computer engineering.

“Our mixed cluster of OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems provides us with the high availability and security required by our faculty, students, and staff. By integrating proven technology with the latest advancements in performance and price/performance, we take advantage of a 25-year investment in this operating system, while preparing a smooth transition to the next generation of computing platforms.”

ESME-Sudria Jean-Pierre Petit
Chairman, Computer Engineering Department
ESME-Sudria School of Engineering

PKE Electronics AG

With annual revenues of 60 million euros, PKE is one of the top providers of security solutions in Europe. Founded in 1979, PKE is a privately owned company that employs 350 highly specialized staff members in its Vienna headquarters. For the convenience of its customers, PKE has branches across Austria, as well as locations throughout Europe. PKE customers represent a wide range of industries and include airports, banks, casinos, utility plants, government buildings, military installations, museums, penal institutions, sports stadiums, and more.

“ When we looked for a computer platform on which to build our applications, we chose HP OpenVMS because of its security, reliability, and stability. Now OpenVMS offers even more value to our customers because of its availability on standards-based HP Integrity servers.”

pkelogo Walter Kuhn
Head of Development
PKE Electronics AG

CommuniGate Systems

The mission of CommuniGate Systems is to create advanced communications solutions. CommuniGate Systems is the technology leader in messaging and collaboration solutions, creating high-end solutions for organizations that rely on robust, reliable messaging systems. CommuniGate Systems develops leading technology that has won more awards than any other e-mail solution on the market today. More than 8,500 customers worldwide—from Tier 1 Telcos and global ISPs to corporations and universities—use CommuniGate Systems' advanced technology to serve 58 million people daily.

“As a premier provider of secure, real-time communications, integrating voice and data for companies worldwide, CommuniGate Systems is very pleased that HP is now offering the security and availability of OpenVMS on the entire line of HP Integrity servers, from entry-class servers to the high-end Superdome. We work with HP to enable some of the largest communications deployments in the world to communicate faster, safer, smarter—every day.”

communigatepro_logo Vladimir Butenko
CommuniGate Systems

Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse is far more than a mere marketplace organizer for trading shares and other securities. It is a transaction services provider. With advanced technology, it affords companies and investors access to global capital markets. Deutsche Börse has a broader basis than all its competitors: its product and services portfolio covers the entire process chain from securities and derivatives trading through the settlement of transactions and provision of market information right up to the development and operation of electronic trading systems. Deutsche Börse has customers in Europe, the United States, and Asia that are serviced by more than 3,200 employees. Deutsche Börse has locations in Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, as well as representative offices in London, Paris, Chicago, New York, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

“We are using HP OpenVMS today for our highly available trading and clearing systems, especially for Eurex Exchange. We recently ported the complete software of the Eurex Exchange, which consists currently of 5 million lines of source code, to OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers. We are currently porting the Xetra cash market software as well. As the transaction volume of this exchange is growing year-to-year, we are planning to deploy mixed clusters adding HP Integrity servers to our current AlphaServer environment. OpenVMS on Integrity servers will enable us to introduce a new infrastructure with the same operating system in a cost-efficient manner.”

Deutsche Borse logo Dr. Gerd Koebschall
Head of Department XETRA/EUREX Operations
Deutsche Börse Systems AG

Turin Polytech

The Politecnico di Torino (Turin Polytech) is the leader in Italy and in Europe in the field of technical-scientific training for engineering and architectural research. Turin Polytech offers excellence in technology and acknowledges its historical context. It promotes the ability to carry out theoretical or applied research, as well as the capacity to achieve concrete and reliable productive processes or organize services and facilities.

“We have successfully ported security applications to HP OpenVMS on Integrity servers and realized a 30 percent performance gain of cryptographic algorithms. In the next years, the Polytech will increase greatly its size and scope. So, the computing infrastructure must be extremely flexible, scalable, and cost-effective, and preserves today's investments. We are confident that HP can give us, in the future as in the past, all these values.”

Turin Polytech logo Marco Mezzalama
Turin Polytech

Korea Stock Exchange

The Korea Stock Exchange (KSE) is a dynamic and reliable securities exchange with investors—both individuals and institutional—from more than 60 countries. The KSE is ranked 10th in the world in trading volume and market capitalization.

“In the financial markets, you need systems that respond as quickly as traders make decisions. HP AlphaServer systems running OpenVMS provide the Korea Stock Exchange with the high availability, scalability, and rock-solid reliability demanded by our business. The new AlphaServer GS1280 systems are in our immediate plans. As we continue to look to the future, at consolidating systems and applications, we are very pleased that OpenVMS will also be available on industry-standard HP Integrity servers.”

KSE logo Yong Jin Park
Operation Team Manager
Korea Stock Exchange

Computershare Technology Services

Computershare is one of the world's leading financial services and technology providers for the global securities industry, providing services and solutions to listed companies, investors, employees, exchanges, and other financial institutions. Operating on five continents, Computershare manages more than 60 million shareholder accounts for more than 7,000 corporations.

"As a financial services leader, we believe it is vital to partner with a trusted IT leader, to support us with increasing volumes. HP AlphaServer systems running OpenVMS consistently provide us with the performance, price/performance, and scalability we need to continue to grow our business and better serve our clients. HP has provided us with a valuable platform for our needs today and a clear path to Integrity servers as our business requirements evolve."

Computershare logo Gary Paramore
Technical Infrastructure Manager
Computershare Technology Services (UK) Ltd