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Appendix D
Class Library Restrictions

This appendix describes known problems and restrictions for the Class Library. Please note that String Package, which is part of the Class Library, is entirely different from the String class that is part of the newly-implemented C++ Standard Library and known as the String Library. Do not confuse these two contrasting implementations.

D.1 Class Library Restrictions

The following are restrictions in the C++ Class Library:

  • No Class Library support for 128-bit long doubles
    The Class Library does not include support for 128-bit long doubles.
  • Conflict with redefinition of clear()
    If your program includes both <curses.h> and <iostream.hxx> , HP C++ might fail to compile your program because clear() is defined by both header files. In <curses.h> , clear() is defined as a macro whereas in <iostream.hxx> clear() is defined as a member function.
    If your program does not use either clear() or uses the <curses.h> clear() , include the <iostream.hxx> header first, followed by <curses.h> .
    If your program uses the ios::clear() function, undefine the clear() macro directly after the #include <curses.h> statement.
  • On OpenVMS Alpha systems, class library IOStreams do not support denormalized IEEE numbers. The workaround is to use C Run-Time Library functions like printf and scanf instead.

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