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HP Integrity server animation
HP Integrity server animation
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C++ Version 7.4 for OpenVMS Integrity Servers

This release includes comprehensive documentation for HP C++ Version 7.4 for OpenVMS Integrity servers.

The HP C++ V7.4 compiler and Standard Library offer a nearly complete implementation of the C++ International Standard. For a full description of HP C++ Version 7.4, see the C++ Software Product Description.

The Release Notes [pdf] provide important information about new features, compatibility with previous versions, and known restrictions.

HP C++ User's Guide for OpenVMS Systems [pdf] explains how to develop and debug HP C++ programs and provides information about OpenVMS features and tools that work with the compiler.

The manual dedicates a chapter to the C++ Standard Library. Two Standard Library components, locales and iostreams, are further described in the following documents:

»  Standard Library Locales
»  Standard Library Stream Input/Output

You can find the same documents in PostScript form, along with other C++ documents in PostScript and text form, in the SYS$COMMON:[SYSHLP.CXX$HELP] directory on your system.

For details about the Class Library packages supplied with this release, read the C++ Class Library Reference Manual [pdf].

For information about the functions and macros in the C Run-Time Library, read the C Run-Time Library Reference Manual [pdf].

If you have any questions about your installation, please review the HP C++
» RBI Letter [pdf] and
» Installation Guide [pdf].

HP C++ V7.4 for Integrity servers is available on the HP CD-ROM Software Library for OpenVMS Integrity servers with browser-based documentation on the Online Documentation Library CD-ROM.