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CXXDEMANGLE accepts symbol names in their mangled form, as they might appear in the output from a CXXLINK/NOEXPAND command.

If you specify a mangled symbol name using the command line interface and the symbol contains lowercase letters, you must place the symbol within quotes. For example, $ CXXDEMANGLE "MyFunction__xic". Quotes are not necessary when entering mangled symbol names using the interactive interface.

Data File

You can specify the location of the data file using the logical name CXX$DEMANGLER_DB. For example, if the data file is in your login directory and is named MYCXXDB.DAT, you would define the CXX$DEMANGLER_DB logical name as follows:


If you do not define the CXX$DEMANGLER_DB logical name, CXXDEMANGLE looks for the data file in the repositories specified by the /REPOSITORY qualifier. If you do not specify the /REPOSITORY qualifier, CXXDEMANGLE looks for the data file in the sys$disk:[.cxx_repository] directory.


The CXXDEMANGLE command accepts a single qualifier:



Names the repository directories which contain the data files used by CXXDEMANGLE.

The /REPOSITORY qualifier is ignored if you define the CXX$DEMANGLER_DB logical name. See Data File for details.


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