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Compaq C++
Using Compaq C++ for OpenVMS VAX

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Appendix C
Compaq C++ Compiler Messages

This appendix briefly explains the syntax of Compaq C++ compiler diagnostic messages.

Many messages substitute information from the program into the message text. In the following example, the portion of the text to be substituted is shown in italic text:

decctorintb, The constructor "function name" does not initialize the base class
   "class name".

Often, the same message is issued in different contexts within a program. In the following example, the message context is indicated by the italicized word context:

cppmemref, context "name" is not a data member or member function of "base".

The actual message issued by the compiler contains one of the following phrases substituted for context:

In this declaration
In the initializer for
In the declaration of "name"
In the definition of the function "name"
In the declaration of an unnamed object
In this expression
In this statement

You can control the messages issued by using the /[no]warnings command-line qualifier or the #pragma message preprocessor directive. For information about the /[no]warnings qualifier, see Section 1.2.1; for information about the #pragma message directive, see Section

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