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OpenVMS Alpha Guide to 64-Bit Addressing and VLM Features

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Appendix A
Appendix A C Macros for 64-Bit Addressing
    Command 1     DESCRIPTOR64
    Command 2     $is_desc64
    Command 3     $is_32bits
Appendix B
Appendix B MACRO-32 Macros for 64-Bit Addressing
     B.1     Macros for Manipulating 64-Bit Addresses
    Command 4     $SETUP_CALL64
    Command 5     $PUSH_ARG64
    Command 6     $CALL64
     B.2     Macros for Checking Sign Extension and Descriptor Format
    Command 7     $IS_32BITS
    Command 8     $IS_DESC64
Appendix C
Appendix C 64-Bit Example Program
Appendix D
Appendix D VLM Example Program
2-1 32-Bit Virtual Address Space Layout
2-2 64-Bit Virtual Address Space Layout
7-1 OpenVMS SCSI-2 Diagnose Buffer (S2DGB) 32-Bit Layout
7-2 OpenVMS SCSI-2 Diagnose Buffer (S2DGB) 64-Bit Layout
8-1 item_list_64a
8-2 item_list_64b
3-1 64-Bit System Services
3-2 Structures Used by_NEW_STARLET Prototypes
7-1 $QIO [W] Argument Changes
7-2 Drivers Supporting 64-Bit Addresses
7-3 Drivers Restricted to 32-Bit Addresses
7-4 64-Bit Capable I/O Functions
11-1 Functions with Dual Implementations
11-2 Functions Restricted to 32-Bit Pointers
11-3 Callbacks that Pass only 32-Bit Pointers
12-1 New and Changed Components for 64-Bit Addressing
12-2 Passing 64-Bit Values with a Fixed-Size Argument List

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