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HP OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3--2 Release Notes

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Chapter 3
General User Release Notes

This chapter provides information for all users of the OpenVMS operating system. It includes information about commonly used commands and utilities.

For information about new features included in this version of the software, refer to the HP OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3--2 New Features and Documentation Overview.

3.1 OpenVMS Freeware CD-ROMs


Included in the OpenVMS Version 7.3-2 CD-ROM kit are the OpenVMS Freeware Version 6.0 CD-ROMs. The Freeware CD-ROMs contain free software tools and utilities for creating applications and managing OpenVMS systems.

To mount the Freeware CD-ROMs, insert a CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive and enter the following commands appropriate to the freeware volume being mounted. For additional information about the freeware, refer to the FREEWARE_README.TXT files.

Freeware Volume 1:

$ MOUNT ddcu: FREEWARE60_1

Freeware Volume 2:

$ MOUNT ddcu: FREEWARE60_2

In these MOUNT commands, the ddcu: specification represents the device name of the CD-ROM device on your OpenVMS system.

If you do not know the name of the CD-ROM device on your system, use the following command to find out:


Once the appropriate CD-ROM disk is mounted, you can access the kit directories directly using standard DCL commands such as DIRECTORY, or you can use the following command to display the Freeware menu for the volume.


3.2 Online Help Topic Name Changes


In OpenVMS Version 7.3, four traditional online help topic names were changed to distinguish them from new, similar topic names. Since then, the OpenVMS Librarian has been modified so that online help can distinguish an independent topic name that matches the beginning of another topic name. Because of this change, these four topic names have been changed back to their original, shorter names. The following table shows the name changes and lists the names of the help topics for related routines.

Topic Name in
Topic Name in V7.3-2
and Prior to V7.3
Related Routine Topic Name
FDL_Files FDL FDL_Routines
MAIL_Command MAIL MAIL_Routines
NCS_Command NCS NCS_Routines

Note that you must enter the entire name of these shortened help topics to distinguish them from the longer topic names for the related routines. If you do not enter the full topic name, the help Librarian cannot distinguish the shortcut for the command from the related routine. To specify help for the routine, you must enter the beginning of the topic name up through (and including) the underscore character.

3.3 COPY Command Performance


To improve the performance of copy operations, the default I/O size used by the COPY command has been increased from 64 blocks to 127 blocks. This change results in a significant reduction of both I/O and CPU time required for copy operations to complete.

Users with very low PGFLQUOTA might experience RMS$_DME errors as RMS allocates its buffers. To overcome this problem, try increasing the size of PGFLQUOTA.

3.4 ATI RADEON 7500 Graphics

Support for ATI RADEON 7500 Graphics is included in this release. Refer to the HP OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3--2 New Features and Documentation Overview manual for a description of the features supported in OpenVMS Version 7.3-2 and read the release notes in Section 6.9.

3.5 HP Secure Web Browser: Increased Memory Required


If you have an OpenVMS workstation and you are using the HP Secure Web Browser (SWB), based on Mozilla, the minimum memory requirement is 128 MB; however, 256 MB is highly recommended for more robust performance.

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