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The maximum representable floating-point values (max_float) for the IEEE_S_Floating, IEEE_T_Floating, IEEE_X_Floating, Big_Endian_IEEE_S_Floating, Big_Endian_IEEE_T_Floating, and Big_Endian_IEEE_X_Floating formats are:

Data Type Value for: max_float
S Decimal: 3.402823e38
T Decimal: 1.797693134862316e308
X Decimal: 1.189731495357231765085759326628007016196477e4932

Declarations for the options argument are in the $CVTDEF module found in the system symbol libraries.


CVT$FTOF functionality is available on all HP platforms and is the floating-point conversion routine of choice for portability. When compared with the standard CVT$CONVERT_FLOAT routine, CVT$FTOF includes additional functionality and increased performance.

CVT$FTOF is a general-purpose floating-point conversion routine that converts any input_type_code floating-point data type into any output_type_code floating-point data type. The conversion is subject to the options specified in the options argument.


OpenVMS compilers do not support arithmetic operations for all of the floating-point data types described here. Additional floating-point data types are supported by this routine for data conversion purposes only.

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