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POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility Developer's Guide

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This glossary lists and defines the terms used in this guide.

integrated platform: A combination of software products that is targeted toward a specific market, type of application, or a set of applications that work together or share data. Also called a product suite. A platform is packaged to allow all of its software products to be installed or removed in a single operation.

managed object: An entity that exists to support the proper functioning of a product. Files, directories, library modules, and accounts are all examples of types of managed objects.

package operation: A POLYCENTER Software Installation utility operation that uses the PDF, PTF, and product material to create a reference or sequential copy of a product kit.

patch: A minor update to a software product that does not change the version level of the product.

PCF: Product configuration file. A text file that specifies configuration choices for the POLYCENTER Software Installation utility to use in subsequent operations. For example, you can use a PCF to avoid specifying the same answers to installation questions when you have multiple installations to perform.

PDB: Product database. A repository in which the POLYCENTER Software Installation utility records information about events such as product installation and removal. Users can query the PDB to find out information about their environment.

PDF: Product description file. A text file that specifies the execution environment for your product.

PDL: Product description language. A set of statements that you use to write a product description file.

POLYCENTER Software Installation utility: The OpenVMS program that implements the DCL command PRODUCT. This utility allows you to create software kits and manage software (for example, installation, removal, configuration).

product configuration file: See PCF.

product database: See PDB.

product description file: See PDF.

product description language: See PDL.

product material: The files associated with the product, excluding the PDF and PTF. Product material files are the output of the software engineering process.

product text file: See PTF.

PTF: Product text file. A text file that contains all the product-specific text that the POLYCENTER Software Installation utility can display during product manipulation (for example, description of options, informational text, copyright notice, and so forth).

reference format: The format of a software product kit. In this format, the PDF, PTF, and all files that make up the product are placed in a directory tree on a random-access device. OpenVMS Alpha is distributed in reference format on CD-ROM.

removal: An operation opposite to installation that reverses the effect of an installation. Product files are deleted and the PDB is updated.

sequential format: The format of a software product kit. In this format, the PDF, PTF, and all files that make up the product are packaged in a single container file. This container file can be placed either on a random-access device, such as a compact disc, or on a sequential access device, such as a magnetic tape. Most layered products are distributed in sequential format.

transition product description file: A type of PDF that allows you to reference products not converted to the POLYCENTER Software Installation utility and to migrate products to the POLYCENTER Software Installation utility.

upgrade: The installation of a product that replaces any previously installed version of the same product. The new version may be higher, lower, or the same as the old version of the product.

utility directive: A PDL statement that does not specify managed objects. Utility directives affect the operation of the POLYCENTER Software Installation utility but do not affect the execution environment.

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