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POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility Developer's Guide

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Chapter 3
3 Creating the Product Description File
     3.1     General Guidelines
     3.2     Defining Your Environment
     3.3     PDF File-Naming Conventions
     3.4     Structure of a PDF
         3.4.1         Overview of PDL Statements
         3.4.2         PDL Statement Syntax
         3.4.3         PDL Function Syntax and Expressions
         3.4.4         PDL Data Types and Values
     3.5     Kit Types and Usage
         3.5.1         The Full Kit Type
         3.5.2         The Operating System Kit Type
         3.5.3         The Platform Kit Type
         3.5.4         The Partial Kit Type
         3.5.5         The Patch Kit Type
         3.5.6         The Mandatory Update Kit Type
         3.5.7         The Transition Kit Type
         3.5.8         The PCSI$REGISTER_PRODUCT.COM Command Procedure
Chapter 4
4 Creating the Product Text File
     4.1     PTF File-Naming Conventions
     4.2     Structure of a PTF
         4.2.1         Specifying the Product Name
         4.2.2         PTF Modules and the Relationship with the PDF
         4.2.3         PTF Modules Not Related with the PDF
         4.2.4         Including Prompt and Help Text
Chapter 5
5 Packaging the Kit
     5.1     Description of the Product Material
     5.2     Files Required to Package the Kit
     5.3     Creating the Product Kit
     5.4     Listing the Contents of the Product Kit
     5.5     Extracting Files from the Kit
         5.5.1         Extracting Files by Name
         5.5.2         Extracting the PDF, PTF, or Release Notes
         5.5.3         Converting a Sequential Kit into Reference Format
         5.5.4         Converting a Sequential Kit into Compressed Format
     5.6     Displaying Information from the Product Database

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