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HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
Sockets API and System Services Programming

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Appendix A
Appendix A Socket Options
Appendix B
Appendix B IOCTL Requests
Appendix C
Appendix C Data Types
     C.1     OpenVMS Data Types
     C.2     C and C++ Implementations
Appendix D
Appendix D Error Codes
Appendix E
Appendix E Porting Applications to IPv6
     E.1     Using AF_INET6 Sockets
     E.2     Name Changes
     E.3     Structure Changes
         E.3.1         in_addr Structure
         E.3.2         sockaddr Structure
         E.3.3         sockaddr_in Structure
         E.3.4         hostent Structure
     E.4     Function Changes
         E.4.1         gethostbyaddr() Function
         E.4.2         gethostbyname() Function
         E.4.3         inet_aton() Function
         E.4.4         inet_ntoa() Function
         E.4.5         inet_addr() Function
     E.5     Other Application Changes
         E.5.1         Comparing IP Addresses
         E.5.2         Comparing an IP Address to the Wildcard Address
         E.5.3         Using int Data Types to Hold IP Addresses
         E.5.4         Using Functions that Return IP Addresses
         E.5.5         Changing Socket Options
     E.6     Sample Client/Server Programs
         E.6.1         Programs Using AF_INET Sockets
             E.6.1.1             Client Program
             E.6.1.2             Server Program
         E.6.2         Programs Using AF_INET6 Sockets
             E.6.2.1             Client Program
             E.6.2.2             Server Program
         E.6.3         Sample Program Output
2-1 Creating a Socket (Sockets API)
2-2 Creating a Socket (System Services)
2-3 Binding a Socket (Sockets API)
2-4 Binding a Socket (System Services)
2-5 Setting a Socket to Listen (Sockets API)
2-6 Setting a Socket to Listen (System Services)
2-7 Initiating a Connection (Sockets API)
2-8 Initiating a Connection (System Services)
2-9 Accepting a Connection (Sockets API)
2-10 Accepting a Connection (System Services)
2-11 Getting Socket Information (Sockets API)
2-12 Getting Socket Information (System Services)
2-13 Setting Socket Options (Sockets API)
2-14 Setting Socket Options (System Services)
2-15 Reading Data (Sockets API)
2-16 Reading Data (System Services)
2-17 Reading OOB Data (Sockets API)
2-18 Reading OOB Data (System Services)
2-19 Peeking at Data (Sockets API)
2-20 Writing Data (Sockets API)
2-21 Writing Data (System Services)
2-22 Writing OOB Data (Sockets API)
2-23 Writing OOB Data (System Services)
2-24 BIND Lookup (Sockets API)
2-25 BIND Lookup (System Services)
2-26 Closing and Deleting a Socket (Sockets API)
2-27 Closing and Deleting a Socket (System Services)
2-28 Shutting Down a Socket (Sockets API)
2-29 Shutting Down a Socket (System Services)
2-1 Client/Server Communication Process Using TCP
2-2 UDP Socket Communication Process
5-1 I/O Status Block for a Successful READ or WRITE Operation
5-2 Specifying an Input Parameter List
5-3 Setting Socket Options
5-4 Setting IOCTL Parameters
5-5 Specifying an Output Parameter List
5-6 Getting Socket Options
5-7 Getting IOCTL Parameters
5-8 Specifying IPv4 Socket Names (BSD Version 4.3)
5-9 Specifying IPv4 Socket Names (BSD Version 4.4)
5-10 Specifying IPv6 Socket Names (BSD Version 4.4)
5-11 Specifying a Buffer List
6-1 Subfunction Item List
E-1 Using AF_INET Socket for IPv4 Communications
E-2 Using AF_INET6 Socket to Send IPv4 Communications
E-3 Using AF_INET6 Socket to Receive IPv4 Communications
E-4 Using AF_INET6 Socket for IPv6 Communications
1 TCP/IP Services Documentation
1-1 Network Definition Files
1-2 C Language Definition Files
1-3 Sockets API Libraries
1-4 TCP Programming Examples
1-5 UDP Programming Examples
2-1 TCP Server Tasks and Related Functions
2-2 TCP Client Tasks and Related Functions
2-3 UDP Server Tasks and Related Functions
2-4 UDP Client Tasks and Related Functions
3-1 TCP Socket Types
3-2 Structures for Sockets API
3-3 Constants and Address Variables (IPv6)
3-4 Interface Identification Functions
3-5 Summary of Address-Testing Macros
3-6 Differences Between IPv4 and IPv6 Raw Sockets
3-7 ICMPv6 Filtering Macros
3-8 Optional Information and Socket Options
3-9 Socket Calls for Routing Header Name Description
3-10 Socket Calls for Options Headers
3-11 errno Values
4-1 Sockets API Functions
4-2 ai_flags Member Values
4-3 getnameinfo() Flags
5-1 $QIO Arguments
5-2 Network Symbol Definition Files
5-3 $QIO Function Codes
5-4 $QIO Function-Independent Arguments
5-5 $QIO Function-Dependent Arguments
6-1 OpenVMS System Service and Equivalent Sockets API Function
6-2 Network Pseudodevice Driver I/O Functions
6-3 Subfunction Codes
6-4 Call Codes
6-5 Read Flags
6-6 Socket Types
6-7 List Codes for the p5 Item
6-8 Characteristic Mask Bits
6-9 Protocol Type Codes
6-10 Service Type Codes
A-1 Socket Options
A-2 TCP Protocol Options
A-3 IP Protocol Options
A-4 IPv6 Socket Options
B-1 Terminal Compatibility Operations
B-2 Socket Operations
B-3 Interface Operations
B-4 Routing Table Operations
B-5 ARP Cache Operations
C-1 TCP/IP Services Usage Data Type Entries
C-2 C and C++ Implementations
D-1 Translation of Socket Error Codes to OpenVMS Status Codes
E-1 Name Changes

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