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HP Advanced Server for OpenVMS
Guide to Managing Advanced Server Licenses

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A.3.1 Monitoring Consumption of Server-Based Licenses

To generate reports in the License Registrar log file that provide the number of server-based licenses in use at any instant and a list of the clients using these licenses, you can set the PWRK$LR_LICENSE_REPORT_INTERVAL parameter. The value you assign to the parameter determines how frequently these reports are generated. By default, no license report is generated.


The value you specify determines the intervals in seconds that the reports are generated. For example, if you want a report generated every hour, specify a value of 3600. If you specify a value of 1, reports are generated every second, which could cause the log file to grow rapidly, using up an inordinate amount of disk space.

The name of the License Registrar log file is:


where nodename is the node name of the file server on which the License Registrar runs. The PWRK$LR_LICENSE_REPORT_INTERVAL parameter should be defined as a system logical so that you can change the value and have the change take effect immediately (within 10 minutes) without having to restart the server. The following example shows how to define the system logical to generate reports every 30 minutes (30 x 60 seconds = 1800).


The following is a sample report:

21-Sep-2000 08:34:54 MESSAGE:
        License Registrar Server Based License Report

                License:            PWLMXXXCA07.03
                Total:              99
                Used this node:     1
                Used Cluster Wide:  1
                Available:          98

                Client Address     ClientId     License Name
                --------------     --------     ------------
               "WALNGY           " 62316936     PWLMXXXCA07.03


Each node in an OpenVMS Cluster will have its own list of clients using server-based licenses. To see what clients are connected to the cluster, check all the cluster License Registrar log files.

A.4 Event Logger (ADMIN/ANALYZE) Messages

The Event Logger (ADMIN/ANALYZE) logs events during file server operation. If a client is denied access to the file server, an entry is posted to the event log. To check the event log, enter the following command:


Look through the events displayed for access denied messages. For example:

No server license for client---access denied.
Explanation: The client is not licensed and no server licenses are available; therefore, the client is denied access.
User Action: Obtain additional client-based or server-based licenses.

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