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HP Advanced Server V7.3B for OpenVMS
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13.15.2 Wrong Time Set on Client After NET TIME Command Is Used to Synchronize with the Server


When the NET TIME command is issued from a PC client to synchronize its clock with the Advanced Server (V7.3-ECO2 or later), as in the following example where the server is named TINMAN, the time set on the client might be incorrect. The time set on the client will be off by the GMT difference (in hours) reported by the server.



Notify PC clients of this problem and to adjust accordingly.

13.15.3 Unable to Connect Using OpenVMS Computer Name if Different from Advanced Server Computer Name

In all versions of Advanced Server, the appropriate way to use the server's listenname in a command script is to create a symbol as shown below:

$ ! Get the server listenname;
$ ! Put the name into a symbol called "listenname"
  "node_''f$getsyi("nodename")'" listenname"

This is the only supported method to use the server's listenname in a command script. In previous versions of the Advanced Server, it was possible to use the server's listenname in a command script by supplying the string "NODENAME" as an argument to the F$GETSYI lexical function. That method only worked if the DECNET transport was enabled. That method was never supported and will not work with V7.3A or later.

This means that any use of the F$GETSYI lexical to specify the Advanced Server listenname may no longer work. Specifically, it will not work if the server's listenname has been changed to something different from the default. The default is the value of the SYSGEN parameter SCSNODENAME.

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