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SHOW FASTPATH (Alpha/I64 Only)

Displays fastpath port assignment and usage. SHOW FASTPATH is useful for evaluating the distribution of interrupts among the various CPUs in complex configurations.





Requests fastpath information for one or more specific CPUs. By default, information is displayed for all CPUs.



Controls where output from the command is sent. If you omit the /OUTPUT qualifier or omit the file specification with the qualifier, the display is written to the current SYS$OUTPUT device by default. If you enter the /NOOUTPUT qualifier, output is suppressed.



Fast Path preferred CPUs on NODE1 23-MAY-2004 16:47:58.10
HP rx2600  (900MHz/1.5MB) with 2 CPUs
Device:           Fastpath CPU:
PKA0                     1
PEA0                     0
PKB0                     0
EIA0                     0
EWA0                     1
OpenVMS TCP/IP is currently running on CPU 1

This example shows all the devices on NODE1 and the CPUs to which they are assigned.


Fast Path preferred CPUs on NODE2 23-MAY-2004 09:50:55.85
Compaq AlphaServer GS140 6/525 with 6 CPUs
Device:           Fastpath CPU:
PKB0                     7
PKD0                     5
EBA0                     7
EWB0                     7
EWD0                     5
PGA0                     9
OpenVMS Lock Manager is currently running on CPU 5

This example shows all the devices on NODE2 that are assigned to CPUs 5, 7, and 9.

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