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Shuts down the queue manager on a standalone node or an OpenVMS Cluster. The /QUEUE qualifier is optional, but the /MANAGER and /CLUSTER qualifiers are required on both standalone and clustered systems. By default, the command affects the default queue manager, SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER. Specify the /NAME_OF_MANAGER qualifier to shut down a queue manager other than the default.

Requires OPER (operator) and SYSNAM (system logical name) privileges.






The STOP/QUEUE/MANAGER/CLUSTER command notifies the queue manager to perform the following on the standalone node or on all nodes in the cluster:
  • Abort all of the current jobs that cannot be restarted, and requeue all of the current restartable jobs on the queue manager
  • Stop all of the execution queues on the queue manager
  • Disable the autostart feature for all of the queue manager's autostart queues
  • Close the queue manager's queue and journal files

Once the STOP/QUEUE/MANAGER/CLUSTER command is entered, the affected queue manager process remains stopped, and requests to the queuing system are denied until the DCL command START/QUEUE/MANAGER is entered.



Specifies the name of the queue manager process to be stopped. If the /NAME_OF_MANAGER qualifier is omitted, the default queue manager name SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER is used. For more information, refer to the chapter about the queue manager in the HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual.




The STOP/QUEUE/MANAGER/CLUSTER command in this example stops the queue manager process, SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER. The process remains stopped and requests to SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER will be denied until the START/QUEUE/MANAGER command is entered.

This command stops the default queue manager SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER because the /NAME_OF_MANAGER qualifier is not specified.

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