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Run-Time Library Reference Manual for OpenVMS Systems

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tan function
tanh function
telldir function
tempnam function
Terminal I/O
    program examples
Terminal I/O functions
tgamma function
    introduction to
time function
Time functions #1
Time functions #2
Time-related functions
    localtime_r #1
    localtime_r #2
Time-zone cache
times function
timespec structure
tmpfile function
tmpnam function
toascii function #1
toascii function #2
TOLERANT reentrancy #1
TOLERANT reentrancy #2
tolower function #1
tolower function #2
touchwin function
toupper function #1
toupper function #2
towctrans function #1
towctrans function #2
towctrans function #3
towlower function #1
towlower function #2
towupper function #1
towupper function #2
trunc function
truncate function
ttyname function
ttyname_r function
tzset function
ualarm function
umask function
umask value
uname function
ungetc function
ungetwc function
    file specification conversion functions
    file specifications
        alternate translation
        compared to OpenVMS
    Run-Time Library
    use with HP C RTL #1
    use with HP C RTL #2
    file descriptors
        program example
UNIX I/O functions
UNIX style root
unlink function
unordered function
unsetenv function
User database functions
User Identifier
usleep function
utime function
utimes function
<varargs.h> header file
Variable-length argument lists
Variable-length record files
    accessing in record mode
VAXC$CRTL_INIT function #1
VAXC$CRTL_INIT function #2
VAXC$CRTL_INIT function #3
vaxc$errno external variable
VAXC$ESTABLISH function #1
VAXC$ESTABLISH function #2
VAXC$ESTABLISH function #3
VAXC$ESTABLISH function #4
VAXC$EXECMBX logical name
va_arg function
va_count macro
va_end function
va_start macro
va_start_1 macro
Version-dependency of HP C RTL routines
vfork function #1
vfork function #2
vfprintf function
vfscanf function
vfwprintf function
vfwscanf function
vprintf function
vscanf function
vsnprintf function
vsprintf function
vsscanf function
vswprintf function
vswscanf function
vwprintf function
vwscanf function

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