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HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 New Features and Documentation Overview

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Chapter 4
4 Mastering Optical Media on OpenVMS
     4.1     LD, CD, and DVD Device Concepts
         4.1.1         Logical Disk Devices
         4.1.2         CD and DVD Devices
     4.2     General Steps for Mastering Data Disks
     4.3     Examples
Chapter 5
5 Programming Features
     5.1     C Run-Time Library Enhancements
         5.1.1         Symbolic Link and POSIX-Compliant Pathname Support
         5.1.2         Byte-Range Locking
         5.1.3         New C RTL Functions
         5.1.4         C RTL TCP/IP Header File Updates
     5.2     CDSA for OpenVMS and Secure Delivery
     5.3     Deadlock Wait
     5.4     Debugger New Features
         5.4.1         Improved C++ Support for Operator Names
         5.4.2         Use of SET MODULE Command is Now Optional
         5.4.3         New Qualifier for SHOW STACK Command
         5.4.4         Change to Default Data Type for Untyped Storage Locations
         5.4.5         Improved Overloaded Symbol Support in SHOW SYMBOL Command
         5.4.6         GNAT Pro (Ada 95) Compiler Support Now Available on Integrity Server Systems (I64 Only)
         5.4.7         Debugging Programs Loaded into P2 Space Now Supported
         5.4.8         SET WATCH Command Has Been Improved
         5.4.9         Not a Thing (NaT) Support for Integer Registers
         5.4.10         Improved Debugger Usability: Automatic Module Loading Now Available
         5.4.11         Improved Support for C++ Destructors
         5.4.12         Support for C++ Template Names
         5.4.13         Improved Support for Ada Programs
     5.5     Kerberos for OpenVMS
     5.6     Linker Utility Enhancements
     5.7     Listing Demangled and Mangled Names with the Librarian (I64 Only)
     5.8     HP MACRO Compiler for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
     5.9     Record Management System (RMS) Enhancements
         5.9.1         RMS CONVERT/FDL and CREATE/FDL Enhancements
         5.9.2         RMS Global Buffer Enhancements for Indexed Files
         5.9.3         New Form of Global Buffers Specification
         5.9.4         New Fields Added to XABFHC
         5.9.5         New RMS Field Values
         5.9.6         New RMS Per-File Management Options for Sizing Global Buffer Cache
         5.9.7         Size of Global Buffer Cache Connected to File (XAB$_GBC)
         5.9.8         Global Buffer Count (XAB$_GBC32)
         5.9.9         Global Buffer Flags (XAB$_GBCFLAGS)
     5.10     HP SSL for OpenVMS
     5.11     System Services New Information and New Item Codes
         5.11.1         $GETDVI: New Item Codes and Item Code Information
                New $GETDVI Item Codes
                $GETDVI Item Code Information
         5.11.2         $GETJPI New Item Code
         5.11.3         $GETSYI New Item Codes
         5.11.4         $GETDVI, $GETJPI, $GETLKI, $GETQUI, and $GETSYI Service Information
         5.11.5         $GETUAI New Item Codes
         5.11.6         Additional Changes to System Services
     5.12     Traceback Facility
Chapter 6
6 InfoServer Utility
     6.1     InfoServer Utility Overview
         6.1.1         InfoServer Usage Summary
         6.1.2         InfoServer Commands
          SET SERVICE
          SHOW SERVER
          START SERVER
Chapter 7
7 Associated Products Features
     7.1     Distributed NetBeans for OpenVMS
     7.2     Secure Web Browser for OpenVMS
     7.3     Secure Web Server for OpenVMS
     7.4     HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 5.6
     7.5     Web Services Integration Toolkit for OpenVMS
Part 2
Part 2 OpenVMS Documentation
Chapter 8
8 OpenVMS Documentation Overview
Chapter 9
9 OpenVMS Printed and Online Documentation
     9.1     Printed Documentation
         9.1.1         OpenVMS Media Kit Documentation
         9.1.2         OpenVMS Documentation Sets
         9.1.3         Operating Environments Extensions Documentation Set (I64 Only)
         9.1.4         Documentation for System Integrated Products
         9.1.5         Archived OpenVMS Documentation
     9.2     Authoring Tool for OpenVMS Documentation
     9.3     Online Documentation on CD
         9.3.1         Online Formats
     9.4     Online Documentation on the OpenVMS Web Site
     9.5     Online Help
Chapter 10
10 Descriptions of OpenVMS Manuals
     10.1     Manuals in the OpenVMS Media Kit
     10.2     Manuals in the OpenVMS Base Documentation Set
     10.3     Additional Manuals in the OpenVMS Full Documentation Set
     10.4     RMS Journaling Manual
     10.5     Manuals in the OpenVMS for Integrity Servers OE Extensions Kit
     10.6     Archived Manuals

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