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Connects you to a remote host over a TCP/IP connection by invoking the TELNET application.



You can specify the IPhostname or the IPaddress, but not both.



Specifies the IP host name of the remote host.


Specifies an IP address of the remote host.


The SET HOST/TELNET command allows you to connect to a server on a remote system by invoking the TELNET client software that runs on your system. The parameter that specifies the remote host is either an IP host name or an IP address.

Most of the attributes are negotiated with the remote node. Except for the /AUTHENTICATE qualifier, the qualifiers are used only in exception cases (for example, cases where a remote server does not support a negotiated parameter but requires a certain characteristic for the connection).



Specifies that Kerberos authentication should be used for acquiring access to the remote node.


Specifies the remote TCP port to use. The default is 23.


Sets the terminal emulator to one of the following terminal types: VT100, VT200, VT300, VT400, VT500.


$ SET HOST/TELNET remotehst2

This example creates a TELNET connection to remote host remotehst2 over a TCP/IP connection.

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