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Shows what resources the current accounting file is tracking.






Each node on your system has its own current accounting file. You can see what resources this file is tracking using the SHOW ACCOUNTING command.

There are two occasions when the resources used by a process are not tracked, despite the output of the SHOW ACCOUNTING command:

  • When you use the RUN (Process) command with the /NOACCOUNTING qualifier.
  • When you use the $CREPRC system service with the PRC$M_NOACNT status flag.

Similarly, there is one occasion when the resources used by an image are always tracked, despite the output of the SHOW ACCOUNTING command:

  • When you install an image using the /ACCOUNTING qualifier of the Install utility.

The SHOW ACCOUNTING command produces a screen display (see the Example). The keywords in the display (in uppercase) fall into two categories:

  • Keywords that show which types of resource are being tracked:
    Keyword Type of Resource
    IMAGE Resources used by an image
    LOGIN_FAILURE Resources used by an unsuccessful attempt to log in
    MESSAGE (Unformatted resource record written to the accounting file by a call to the $SNDJBC system service)
    PRINT Resources used by a print job
    PROCESS Resources used by a process
  • Keywords that show which types of process are being tracked. When the resources for processes or images are tracked, these keywords show the process type:
    Keyword Type of Process
    BATCH Batch process
    DETACHED Detached process
    INTERACTIVE Interactive process
    NETWORK Network process
    SUBPROCESS Subprocess (the parent process can be a batch, detached, interactive, or network process)



Requires read (R) and write (W) access to the directory in which the specified file is created.

Controls the output destination of the command. By default, the output is the current SYS$OUTPUT device. To send the output to a file, use the /OUTPUT qualifier followed by the file specification.

If the file specification does not include the file name or file type, the defaults SHOW and .LIS are used respectively.



Accounting is currently enabled to log the following activities:

      PROCESS        any process termination
      IMAGE          image execution
      INTERACTIVE    interactive job termination
      LOGIN_FAILURE  login failures
      NETWORK        network job termination
      PRINT          all print jobs


The keywords in this example show that the local node is tracking the resources used by each:

  • Interactive and network process
  • Image running in an interactive or network process
  • Login failure
  • Print job

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