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Abruptly stops the queue and returns control to the system. Any jobs that cannot be restarted are aborted immediately.

The /QUEUE qualifier is optional, but you must specify the /RESET qualifier.

Requires manage (M) access to the queue.


STOP/QUEUE/RESET queue-name[:]



Specifies the name of the queue you want to reset.


The STOP/QUEUE/RESET command stops the queue as soon as the system receives the command. The queue manager requests termination for all executing jobs, but aborts or requeues executing jobs without waiting for termination status to be received. Current jobs that can be restarted are requeued for processing. Current jobs that cannot be restarted are aborted and must be resubmitted for processing. (Print jobs are restartable by default. Batch jobs are restartable if submitted with the SUBMIT/RESTART command.) Use the START/QUEUE command to restart the queue.

For autostart queues, the STOP/QUEUE/RESET command stops the queue and makes it inactive for autostart, so it will not be automatically started. For this reason, you might use this command to prevent an autostart queue from being automatically restarted when a printing device fails and needs to be serviced. Use the START/QUEUE command to reactivate the queue for autostart.




THE INITIALIZE/QUEUE command in this example creates an autostart output queue named LPA0. The /START qualifier activates the queue for autostart, and the ENABLE AUTOSTART/QUEUES command causes the queue to begin executing.

Suppose the printer LPA0:: runs out of paper. The STOP/QUEUE/RESET command abruptly stops the queue LPA0. The current print job stops immediately and is requeued. The STOP/QUEUE/RESET command also makes the queue inactive for autostart, so it will not be restarted while the printer's paper is being resupplied.

After the printer is loaded with paper, the START/QUEUE command makes the queue active for autostart and allows the queue manager to automatically start it again.



The STOP/QUEUE/RESET command in this example stops the batch queue TEXBATCH. Any current jobs that were submitted with the /RESTART qualifier are requeued for processing when the queue is restarted. Users might want to resubmit current jobs that were not originally submitted with the /RESTART qualifier.

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