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Copies files from host to host over a TCP/IP connection by invoking the RCP utility.


COPY/RCP input-filespec output-filespec



Specifies the name of an existing file (the source file) to be copied.


Specifies the name of the output file (the destination file) into which the input file is copied.


The COPY/RCP command copies one or more files (or directory trees) to or from a remote host using the RCP utility.

The OpenVMS DCL commands for TCP/IP support the same remote file specification format as the DCL commands for DECnet network connections. Some implementations of the file transaction applications support file transfers in which both the source file and the destination file are remote file specifications.

The full format for a remote file specification is as follows:

node"username password account"::filename.ext

If a file resides on a system other than OpenVMS, enclose the name of the file in quotation marks. For example, to access a file named /usr/users/user/Orders on a Tru64 UNIX node named U32, you would use the following format for the file specification:

U32"user password"::"/usr/users/user/Orders"

Note that UNIX® systems support case sensitive file specifications.



Specifies that Kerberos authentication should be used for acquiring access to the remote node.


Displays a message in SYS$OUTPUT when a file is transferred.


Preserves the file protection codes.


Requests a subdirectory copy operation.


Truncates the user name to 8 characters.


Optional qualifier that specifies the remote user name. The standard operation is to log in to a remote system using the same user name as at the local terminal. The command supports quoted parameters in the /USERNAME value.


$ COPY/RCP local_file.c remotehst4"Smith smpw"::rem_file.c


This example copies local_file.c to rem_file.c on the remote host remotehst4 over a TCP/IP connection.

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