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Deletes a print or batch queue created by the INITIALIZE/QUEUE command, and deletes all the jobs in the queue. The /QUEUE qualifier is required.

Requires manage (M) access to the queue.


DELETE/QUEUE queue-name[:]



Specifies the name of the queue to be deleted.


To delete a queue, use the following procedure:
  1. Stop the specified queue by using the STOP/QUEUE/NEXT command.
    The STOP/QUEUE/NEXT command stops the specified queue after all executing jobs have completed processing. Wait for any executing jobs to complete processing.
  2. Make sure that there are no outstanding references to the specified queue.
    If a generic queue refers to the specified queue as a target execution queue, you must remove the specified queue from the list of target execution queues.
    If a logical queue refers to the specified queue, you must deassign the logical queue.
    If the specified queue is a generic queue, jobs that were entered initially on the generic queue and still exist on any of its target queues count as references to the specified queue. Before you can delete the specified queue, you must delete any jobs that were submitted originally to the specified queue and are executing on its target queues, or you must wait until these jobs have completed processing.
  3. To move jobs from the specified queue to another queue, use the SET ENTRY/REQUEUE or ASSIGN/MERGE commands. Any jobs that remain in the specified queue are deleted when the queue is deleted.
  4. Enter the DELETE/QUEUE command.



/NOLOG (default)

Controls whether the DELETE/QUEUE command displays the name of each queue after it is deleted.




In this example, the first command initializes and starts the printer queue LPA0_QUEUE. The STOP/QUEUE/NEXT command stops the queue. The DELETE/QUEUE command deletes the queue.

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