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Cover Letter for HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers


October 2007

Dear OpenVMS Customer,

HP is pleased to introduce OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity servers, the 30th anniversary edition of the OpenVMS operating system. HP is dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced functionality and the highest-quality products possible. HP believes the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 operating system release reflects this dedication.

This cover letter discusses the following topics:

  • OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 New Features
  • OpenVMS Freeware Version 8.0
  • Documentation
  • HP Service Support Tools
  • Software Product Descriptions
  • Operating Environment Software Product Updates
  • OpenVMS Source Listings Kit
  • Release Notes

Before you install OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1, please read the release notes at the end of this cover letter for the latest information about this release.

New Features

OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 includes all the capabilities of its predecessor and introduces new features and hardware support.

Major new features include:

  • HP Integrity BL860c Server Blade, including new function codes in system services
    With the introduction of HP BladeSystem c-Class, HP has revamped the server blade system. This effort encompasses HP Integrity and ProLiant server blades, as well as storage blades, enclosures, and power and cooling solutions.
    HP BladeSystems are built with a modular architecture, where pieces are easily added to an enclosure to meet the computing needs of the customer.
    The enclosure is the metal box that houses the pieces and can consist of the following:
    • Server blades
    • Power supplies
    • Fans
    • Storage blades
    • Onboard Administrator
    • Interconnect modules

    The new HP Bladesystem is designed to reduce the cost of ownership through:
    • Energy savings
    • Configuration and space efficiency
    • Ease of system management
  • Support for the latest revision of the Intel® Itanium® dual-core processors for these servers:
    • HP Integrity rx2660 server
    • HP Integrity rx3600 server
    • HP Integrity rx6600 server
    • HP Integrity rx7640 server
    • HP Integrity rx8640 server
    • HP Integrity Superdome server SD64B
  • System management, including provisioning, providers, and WBEM infrastructure
    OpenVMS on HP Integrity rx3600 and rx6600 servers and on HP Integrity BL860c Server Blades can be managed from HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) Version 5.1 or later.
    HP SIM runs as a management server on HP ProLiant servers running the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.
    OpenVMS provides software support in the following management areas so that OpenVMS looks and feels similar to server blades running the HP-UX operating system:
    • Provisioning: With this feature, you can use HP SIM to install or upgrade OpenVMS quickly and easily on one or more servers in the network, in much the same way as HP-UX supports provisioning. OpenVMS provisioning is supported for HP Integrity rx3600 and rx6600 servers as well as for HP Integrity BL860c Server Blades. Using HP SIM with the network services provided by the InfoServer utility and TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS (BOOTP), you can install or upgrade up to eight servers simultaneously. You can also use HP SIM with the vMedia feature provided with your Integrity server firmware, which allows you to install or upgrade OpenVMS on one server at a time.
    • WBEM infrastructure: This release supports Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM), whose infrastructure is currently based on OpenPegasus Version 2.6.1.
    • WBEM Providers (Instance, Method, and Indications): WBEM Services for OpenVMS Version 2.6.1 is a component of the base operating system in OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1. The WBEM providers comprise the operating system, computer system, process, CPU, memory, fan and power supply, as well as Indications, management processor, and enclosure.
  • Support for USB 2.0 HIGH Speed
    This kit includes HIGH Speed, which increases the data transfer rate from the USB-attached DVDs in the rx3600, rx6600 and rx2660 systems as well as on future platforms. HIGH Speed allows data to be read from those DVDs more than 10 times faster than from USB 1.0/1.1 speeds.


    Because the firmware in this kit does not support HIGH Speed, when installing from a DVD, the early stages of the boot are still restricted to USB 1.1 speeds. Until the operating system assumes control of the device, it runs at classic speeds.
  • Support for virtual media (vMedia)
    The vMedia device is the first in a series of virtual-disk capabilities included in the current generation of management processor (MP) hardware. The first platforms that supported vMedia were the HP Integrity rx3600 and rx6600 servers, followed by the HP Integrity rx2660 server and, finally, the HP Integrity BL860c Server Blade. vMedia consists of two primary components: firmware in MP hardware that emulates a USB DVD, and Javatm code that runs on a remote PC that performs I/O to the PC's local CD/DVD drive.
    You can use vMedia to do initial system installation on a system without a built-in DVD, or remote installation on a system physically located elsewhere. It also allows the installation of layered products, either remotely or on systems without a built-in DVD.
  • Support for Graphics console
    OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 provides a method to boot HP Integrity systems using a Graphics display and a USB keyboard and mouse. (Note that this release does not support XDELTA with Graphics console operations,Conversational boot, or booting from an InfoServer.)
    Booting with Graphics console allows many sites to perform server consolidation with racks of systems.

For a complete list of the new features in the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 release, see the HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers New Features and Release Notes.

OpenVMS Freeware Version 8.0

The OpenVMS Freeware CDs are included in the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 media kit. The Freeware CDs contain free software tools and utilities for creating applications and managing OpenVMS systems.


The OpenVMS Freeware CDs are provided as is without a warranty. HP imposes no restrictions on its distribution or on the redistribution of its contents. Be aware, however, that some of the packages on the CD can carry restrictions on their use imposed by the original authors. Therefore, carefully read the documentation that accompanies each product. HP does not provide support services for this software, fix the software, or guarantee that it works correctly.


OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 documentation consists of two new manuals and one revised manual to supplement the current manuals that were provided with OpenVMS Version 8.3. The new manuals provide the information you need to install and use Version 8.3-1H1.

The following release documentation is included in the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 media kit:

  • Hardcopy documents
    • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers Upgrade and Installation Manual
    • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers New Features and Release Notes
    • Cover Letter for HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers
    • HP OpenVMS License Management Utility Manual
    • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Release Notes
  • Online documents
    • Online Documentation Library for HP OpenVMS I64 and Microsoft® Windows® Platforms CD

Not all books in a documentation set are revised for each release. Typically, each release contains a number of new and revised books, with the remainder of the set consisting of books from previous releases. For example, the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 set includes several new and revised books, with the remaining titles being carryovers from previous releases. The books in each set are the most current versions available.

In addition, all the documentation is available from the HP OpenVMS Systems Documentation website:


HP Service Support Tools

Support status for OpenVMS releases is provided at the following location:


For the latest installation and documentation information as well as service tools, see the HP Support website:


Software Product Descriptions

Software Product Descriptions (SPDs) for the OpenVMS operating system and System Integrated Products can be found on the OpenVMS distribution media. For information about locating the SPDs on the OpenVMS for Integrity Servers Operating Environment DVD, see the HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers New Features and Release Notes. The file names for the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 SPD are OVMS_V831H1_SPD.PS and OVMS_V831H1_SPD.TXT.

For the most up-to-date SPDs, see the SPD website at:


Operating Environment Software Product Updates

For OpenVMS for Integrity servers software layered products included in an Operating Environment (OE), initial product delivery is through the Operating Environment media offerings:

  • BA322AA for Foundation Operating Environment (FOE)
  • BA323AA for Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE)
  • BA324AA for Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE)

HP Software Updates Service for OpenVMS for Integrity servers are available for the FOE, EOE, and MCOE and for individual products on the EOE and MCOE. Products on the FOE are not available for individual license or service. All OE software updates are delivered on a consolidated DVD through your HP Support Agreement. For more information, contact your local HP account representative or distributor. Information about HP Support Services is also available on the Software Support Services website:


OpenVMS Source Listings Kit

The OpenVMS Source Listings Kit is available on the HP OpenVMS for Integrity Servers Version 8.3-1H1 Source Listings Kit DVD. The source listing kits contain all nonproprietary source listings files that make up the OpenVMS operating system.

The OpenVMS Source Listings Kits and License include the license required to view these files on a standalone system or in an OpenVMS Cluster environment. If you want to make these files available on another system (such as a remote site), you must purchase an additional kit. For each kit you purchase, you must sign a source license agreement. Contact your local HP representative for more information.

Use the following order number for the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 Source Listings:

BA832AA --- OpenVMS for Integrity Servers Source Listings Kit and License

For information about layered products included with OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity servers, see the HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers New Features and Release Notes.

Release Notes

Read the following release notes before you install OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1.

1: CSWS Javatm

The CSWS_JAVA kit is supplied on the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 operating environment DVD as a self-extracting executable file. However, the CSWS_JAVA documentation incorrectly notes that the file is provided in .PCSI format.

2: Distributed NetBeans Installation

The IDE Server Version 1.1 PCSI installation kit requires that Java 1.4.2 be installed on the system prior to installation. If Java 1.4.2 is not installed, the following error occurs:

%PCSI-I-PRCOUTPUT, output from subprocess follows ...
%DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening DISK:[INSTALL_DIR]HOTSPOT.COM; as input
-RMS-E-FNF, file not found

%PCSI-E-EXESTAFAIL, product supplied EXECUTE START procedure failed
-RMS-E-FNF, file not found
%PCSI-E-OPFAILED, operation failed
Terminating is strongly recommended.  Do you want to terminate? [YES]

HP recommends that you answer YES to the termination query to stop the installation. Next, install Java 1.4.2 on the system and restart the installation. Once the installation is complete, later versions of Java can be used by the IDE Server by setting the value of the IDE$JDK_HOME logical name.

For more information about the IDE Server, see the release notes included with the IDE Server kit.

3: GNV

The most recent version of GNV, a tool that provides an open source, GNU-based UNIX-style environment for OpenVMS, can be found at the following website:


4: Problem with Management Agents Installation

During installation or upgrade of OpenVMS from the V8.3-1H1 DVD, after you respond with "1" to the main choice menu, additional messages are output, as follows:

Enter CHOICE or ? for help: (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/?) 1

The following PATCH kits are present on the OpenVMS I64
distribution media.

----------------------------------- ----------- ----------
PRODUCT                             KIT TYPE    KIT FORMAT
----------------------------------- ----------- ----------
HP I64VMS MGAGPAT V3.4-2            Patch       Compressed
----------------------------------- ----------- ----------

1 product found

Please consult the OpenVMS I64 Upgrade and Installation Manual,
the Release Notes, and the Cover Letter to determine if any or
all of these patches may be required for your system.

This patch kit, MGAGPAT V3.4-2, is for the optional layered product Management Agents, product kit MGMTAGENTS V3.4-1. If you choose to install the Management Agents product, you must do so after completing your OpenVMS installation, performing the initial boot (to run AUTOGEN), and then logging in to the SYSTEM account.

Mount the OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 DVD. For example:


Begin installation of the Management Agents product and patch kit as follows:

$ product install * /source=DNA0:[KITS.MGMTAGENTS_I64034_KIT]

   1 - HP I64VMS MGAGPAT V3.4-2            Patch (remedial update)
   2 - HP I64VMS MGMTAGENTS V3.4-1         Layered Product
   ? - Help
   E - Exit

Choose one or more items from the menu: 2,1

Performing product kit validation of signed kits ...
 HP-I64VMS-MGAGPAT-V0304-2-4.PCSI$COMPRESSED;1 succeeded

The following products have been selected:
    HP I64VMS MGAGPAT V3.4-2               Patch (remedial update)
    HP I64VMS MGMTAGENTS V3.4-1            Layered Product

Do you want to continue? [YES]

Configuration phase starting ...

Then answer the remaining prompts as appropriate.

Note that the Management Agents layered product cannot be installed while the system is booted from the OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 DVD.

If you are upgrading from V8.3, and you had previously installed MGMTAGENTS V3.4-1, but not the patch kit MGAGPAT V3.4-2, then the patch kit can be installed after booting V8.3-1H1 from the upgraded system disk. Invoke the PRODUCT utility as above, and answer the first prompt with the number 1 only:

$ product install * /source=DNA0:[KITS.MGMTAGENTS_I64034_KIT]

   1 - HP I64VMS MGAGPAT V3.4-2            Patch (remedial update)
   2 - HP I64VMS MGMTAGENTS V3.4-1         Layered Product
   ? - Help
   E - Exit

Choose one or more items from the menu: 1

Performing product kit validation of signed kits ...

Then answer the remaining prompts as appropriate.

Documentation for HP OpenVMS iSCSI Demo Kit

For information about the HP OpenVMS iSCSI demonstration kit, see the HP OpenVMS Software-Based iSCSI Initiator Technology Demonstration Kit Configuration and User's Guide at: