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Client Directories and Files

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Function: Default directory of the TCPIP$SSH account

Creation: During SSH configuration

Scope: Systemwide

Use: By running instances of the client and server processes


Function: Contains multiple SSH files and subdirectories

Creation: During SSH client configuration

Scope: Systemwide

Use: By running instances of the client processes


Function: Client configuration file

Creation: During SSH client configuration, by extracting a template file from the TCP/IP kit. The system manager edits this file as necessary. Users can copy this file and make user-specific modifications.

Scope: Systemwide

Use: Read by a starting client process


Function: Contains public host keys of all remote servers that users will connect to using SSH.

Creation: Empty during SSH client configuration, the system manager copies the files to this directory from all servers before initiating connections. (This step may not be required. If the server's public host key file is not in TCPIP$SSH_DEVICE:[TCPIP$SSH.SSH2.HOSTKEYS] when the connection initiated, it can be copied automatically to the user specific directory SYS$LOGIN:[SSH2.HOSTKEYS] on the client.) You control this behavior using the StrictHostKeyChecking parameter in the server configuration file, as described in Appendix B.

Scope: Systemwide

Use: For host authentication purposes; the client searches files in this directory for the server's key before it searches the user-specific directory.


Function: Contains multiple SSH files and subdirectories

Creation: Either manually by the user, or automatically by running the client

Scope: User specific

Use: By running the client.


Function: Client configuration file.

Creation: By the user, if necessary

Scope: User specific

Use: By a starting client process (if one exists) in lieu of the systemwide configuration file.


Function: Contains the identification of a user.

Creation: By the user when using public-key authentication

Scope: User specific

Use: To identify a user for public-key authentication


Function: Contains the public keys of the server hosts to which the client will connect.

Creation: By the user, if necessary. Files are copied here from a server, either automatically when a connection is requested, or manually before initiating a connection.

Scope: User specific

Use: For host authentication purposes. First, the client tries to locate the remote host key in this directory. If it is not found, the systemwide directory is used.