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Using SSH Commands in Batch Jobs

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With this version of SSH, you can use the SSH, SCP, and SFTP commands in batch jobs. However, because these commands are ported from UNIX® implementations, some common OpenVMS assumptions must be adjusted, including:

  • SYS$INPUT, SYS$OUTPUT, and SYS$ERROR may not work as you expect.

  • To execute the following commands in batch mode, you may need to use the following options:

    $ SSH -o "batchmode yes"
    $ SCP "-B"
    $ SFTP "-B" filename

    The file indicated by filename contains a sequence of SFTP command. If SFTP is invoked in batch mode (from within a DCL command procedure (without the "—B" option), the following file name is used by default: SYS$LOGIN:TCPIP$SSH_SFTP_BATCH.TXT.

    For additional restrictions and guidelines, refer to the TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Release Notes.