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Aborts one or more jobs that are executing on a batch queue or printing on an output queue, deletes them from the queue, and begins processing the first pending job in the queue. The /QUEUE qualifier is optional, but the /ENTRY qualifier is required.

Requires delete (D) access to the specified job.


STOP/QUEUE/ENTRY =(entry-number[,...]) [queue-name[:]]



Specifies the entry number (or a list of entry numbers) of jobs to be deleted. If you specify only one entry number, you can omit the parentheses. If you do not specify a queue name, you can delete entries from multiple queues.

The system assigns a unique entry number to each queued print or batch job in the system. By default, the PRINT and SUBMIT commands display the entry number when they successfully queue a job for processing. These commands also create or update the local symbol $ENTRY to reflect the entry number of the most recently queued job. To find a job's entry number, enter the SHOW ENTRY or the SHOW QUEUE command.


Specifies the name of the queue that contains the jobs that you want to abort. The queue name can refer either to the queue to which the job was submitted or to the queue where the job is executing. The queue-name parameter is optional syntax; however, when you specify a queue name, the OpenVMS system uses it to verify an entry in the specific queue before stopping and deleting the entry.


When you abort a batch job, the system tries to stop the job in an orderly fashion by closing any open files and sending a message to the log file. For information on how a print job is aborted, see the description of the STOP/QUEUE/ABORT command.

Use the STOP/QUEUE/ENTRY command to abort one or more batch jobs that are executing currently on a queue and to delete them from the queue. To stop a batch job, you must specify an entry number because batch queues, unlike print queues, can have more than one job executing at the same time. (You also can use the STOP/QUEUE/ENTRY command to abort a print job that is currently printing or processing on a queue and to delete it from the queue.)

Use the STOP/QUEUE/REQUEUE command to stop batch or print jobs and to requeue them. Use the DELETE/ENTRY command to delete an entry that is queued and is awaiting execution.


If you enter the STOP/QUEUE/ENTRY command accidentally for a malfunctioning queue, enter the STOP/QUEUE/RESET command to stop the queue in an orderly fashion.



The STOP/QUEUE/ENTRY command in this example aborts batch job number 365 currently executing on the SYS$BATCH queue and begins the first pending job in the queue.

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