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Stops the specified queue after all executing jobs have completed processing. No new jobs are initiated.

The /QUEUE qualifier is optional, but you must specify the /NEXT qualifier.

Requires manage (M) access to the queue.


STOP/QUEUE/NEXT queue-name[:]



Specifies the name of the queue that you want to stop.


The STOP/QUEUE/NEXT command stops the queue after it allows any current jobs to complete execution. No new jobs are initiated.

You should use the STOP/QUEUE/NEXT command before deassigning, deleting, or merging a queue, as this command allows all currently executing jobs to complete processing before changes are made to the queue. You might also use this command to stop a queue if you need to perform planned service on a printing device. Use the START/QUEUE command to restart the queue.

For autostart queues, the STOP/QUEUE/NEXT command stops the queue and makes it inactive for autostart, so it will not be automatically started. For this reason, you might use this command to prevent an autostart queue from being accidentally restarted when a printing device needs to undergo planned service. Use the START/QUEUE command to reactivate the queue for autostart.




In this example, the STOP/QUEUE/NEXT command prepares to stop the queue LASER_PRINT. The currently printing job is allowed to complete, but no new job is allowed to initiate. Once the current job has finished, the queue is stopped.

If LASER_PRINT is an autostart queue, it will not be automatically started until you enter the START/QUEUE command.


Batch queue BATCH_1, stopped, on JADE::

This example shows how to delete the batch queue BATCH_1. First, the STOP/QUEUE/NEXT command is entered, which stops the queue after jobs currently executing on the queue are completed. Second, the SHOW QUEUE/ALL command is entered to ensure that no jobs are pending in the queue. The screen display shows that no jobs are pending. Finally, the DELETE/QUEUE command is entered to delete the queue BATCH_1.

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