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XAUTH (Alpha/Integrity servers Only)

Invokes the X Authority utility (xauth) that you can use to manage the contents of one or more X authority files. The X authority file contains information used to authorize client connections to the X display server.

This utility is typically used to extract authorization records from one system and combine them with the records on another system, such as when granting access to additional users or enabling remote logins. The actual record entries vary depending on the authorization scheme currently in use.

In contrast to other X Window System utilities that are available with DECwindows Motif, xauth is included as a part of OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity servers operating systems. The xauth commands are case-insensitive and available directly from the DCL command line, xauth command line, or from a batch file.

For a complete description of xauth, see the DECwindows Motif documentation (available on the Documentation CD-ROM) or the xauth online help.


XAUTH [-f authfile] [-options...] [command]

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