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4 New and Changed Information in this Edition

The following information is new or revised for OpenVMS Version 8.4:

  • With this release, the operating environments (OEs) providing OpenVMS Integrity server elements have been changed:

    • Beginning with OpenVMS Version 8.4, the Base Operating Environment (BOE) replaces the Foundation Operating Environment (FOE) as the tier of the Operating Environment for OpenVMS for Integrity servers. The BOE offers the base operating system and networking transport products and more.

    • The High Availability Operating Environment (HA-OE) includes some of the OpenVMS products that were formerly included with the Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCCOE) and Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE). The HA-OE additionally offers the products included with the BOE like the following (they were formerly part of the EOE and are now part of the BOE):

      • DECram

      • OpenVMS Management Station

    For more information, see the HP Operating Environments for OpenVMS for Integrity servers Software Product Description (SPD 82.34.xx).

  • OpenVMS Integrity servers now support a power management interface from the Integrity Lights Out (iLO) console and from the Insight Power Manager (IPM) software. The power management interface is available only on systems that support the iLO power management interface. For more information about iLO power management interface available for your Integrity servers, see the iLO MP Operations Guide. IPM provides centralized monitoring and control of server power consumption and thermal output. (Although OpenVMS still supports the SYSGEN parameter CPU_POWER_MGMT, the iLO interface takes precedence over this parameter.) Before installing OpenVMS Integrity servers, check that power management is set in the state that you prefer. For more information, see the HP OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual.

  • OpenVMS Integrity servers support virtual keyboard, video, and mouse (vKVM) with Integrity servers (rx2660, rx3600, and rx6600 Integrity servers and the BL860c and BL870c Server Blade products). HP iLO management processors make it simpler, faster and less costly to manage your Integrity servers remotely. The iLO Advanced KVM Card on the Integrity servers combines a physical graphics/USB card with additional logic to permit the Lights Out Advanced features of Virtual Media and Integrated Remote Console. Licenses to use iLO/vKVM are provided with the Server Blade products. For other server products, licenses might have to be purchased separately.