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OpenVMS FastTrack positions partners for porting success

The OpenVMS FastTrack program accelerates the availability of HP partner solutions on HP OpenVMS for Integrity servers v8.2 by bringing HP technology experts and partners together in a laboratory setting. Offering exclusive access to the OpenVMS brain trust, FastTrack ensures rapid feedback to OpenVMS engineering on quality, identifies the effort required by partners to port their solutions, and streamlines the delivery of complete solutions for end-users—and it all happens before an OpenVMS release leaves the lab.

Goals and benefits of FastTrack

OpenVMS FastTrack offers HP partners access to practiced, knowledgeable engineers who are experts on porting applications to OpenVMS for Integrity servers. With the expertise of FastTrack engineers, partners can quickly achieve porting success, reducing their time-to-market and providing clear competitive advantages.


  • Ensure partners were able to begin porting their applications with the first evaluation release of OpenVMS for Integrity servers, and that a maximum number of applications are available on the day OpenVMS v8.2, the first production-quality release, starts shipping
  • Learn what efforts are needed to port third-party solutions
  • Provide comprehensive technical assistance to partners to accelerate their porting process
  • Assist partners by giving them an early advantage over their competition in porting solutions to OpenVMS on Integrity servers


  • Validates the base operating system, compilers, and layered products
  • Provides a suite of third-party solutions acting as a "real world" regression test suite
  • Characterizes and documents past porting efforts to assist partners in planning their port to Integrity servers
  • Creates an OpenVMS port reference database that documents the experiences and successes of early adopters
  • Verifies the existence of horizontal "completer" applications, ensuring that partners developing other customer and third-party solutions can proceed without dependency delays

Porting pioneers achieve milestones with FastTrack

Beginning in 2002, the FastTrack team has worked closely with partners to help port their applications to OpenVMS on Integrity servers, providing focused, skilled engineering resources, secure lab access to Integrity servers, and membership in a hardware loan program. This foundation of resources helped a select group of pioneer partners guarantee a quick start for their application porting.

Working with partners in the healthcare and manufacturing industries, the first two FastTrack participants staged major applications, each with more than three million lines of code, on AlphaServer systems in Nashua, New Hampshire. When OpenVMS v8.0 was released on June 30, 2003, the porting to Integrity servers began.

The first two third-party solutions ported to OpenVMS on Integrity servers were completed using the FastTrack lab, a secure, remote environment for testing and porting applications. The partners never saw the Integrity rx2600 systems they were using—they were thousands of miles away in this secure lab—but the dynamic nature of the FastTrack program enabled HP technicians and partners to work seamlessly together.

The manufacturing application was primarily written in Fortran; the healthcare application was written in C and C++. As expected, bugs were found immediately and fed back to the appropriate engineering teams. Fixes and new base levels were then provided and progress was immediately made.

Enormous successes were achieved for the partners as well as for OpenVMS on Integrity servers. With the help of FastTrack engineers, the manufacturing solution was running successfully in October 2003 and this solution was demonstrated at the partner's worldwide user conference later that year. Major progress was also made with the healthcare application.

The future of FastTrack

As the early release and base levels of OpenVMS on Integrity servers and its layered products grow in stability and functionality, additional partners continue to join the FastTrack program. At present, more than 125 partners participate in the program—many have either completed their port or are performing beta and field tests with other OpenVMS on Integrity server field-test sites.

By providing focused attention and assistance to early adopters and by delivering a hardware platform for porting and testing, the FastTrack program has contributed to the more than 235 applications and service offerings already available for OpenVMS on Integrity servers. Motivated by these successes, HP partners continue to provide strong commitments to support solution availability in 2005 for OpenVMS v8.2 on both Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems.


For more information about the OpenVMS FastTrack Program, or to find out how to sign up, click here:

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