HP OpenVMS Systems

High Availability/Disaster Tolerance

HP OpenVMS high availability/disaster tolerance for business continuity

The technology behind business continuity combines high availability and disaster tolerance. While high availability typically protects against local difficulties such as application failures or system-level problems, disaster tolerance protects against larger outages such as catastrophic data-center failure due to natural disasters, fire, electrical failure, evacuation, or pervasive sabotage.

Because OpenVMS clusters can provide full capabilities even when physically separated by up to 800 kilometers (500 miles), they are extremely well suited to disaster-tolerant environments. In addition to clusters, the OpenVMS host-based volume shadowing technology provides exceedingly efficient and reliable data-replication capabilities.

For distances beyond 800 kilometers, OpenVMS is also one of the most reliable, efficient, and effective environments for ensuring business continuity because it can protect data virtually seamlessly and ensure maximum uptime. OpenVMS data protection capabilities have been qualified for distances as great as 90,000 kilometers (60,000 miles).

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