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HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) Version 1.2 ECO1

Welcome to the HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) website. The HP OpenVMS operating system continues to enhance its availability and improve system and application performance and scalability by delivering new technology into the base operating system. The CIFS product is yet another testimony in OpenVMS striving to deliver new technology.


HP is very pleased to announce the availability of OpenVMS CIFS Version 1.2 ECO1, based on Samba Version 3.0.28a, in support of both AlphaServer and Integrity server systems. HP CIFS is designed to operate on OpenVMS Version 8.3 or later for AlphaServers and Version 8.3 or later for Integrity server systems.

HP CIFS Version 1.2 ECO1 for OpenVMS contains additional features and bug fixes, compared to HP CIFS Version 1.2 for OpenVMS.

The following new features are available in the HP OpenVMS CIFS Version 1.2 ECO1 release:

  • A directory present on ODS-2 disk can contain multiple dots upto 39 character length.
  • SAMBA$CONFIG.COM can be used even when SMB.CONF file explicitly includes "lock directory" and "private dir" parameters.
  • Configure Windows 7 as workstation to CIFS PDC as it can inter-operate along with CIFS Server using the SMBv1 protocol.
  • If SAMBA share path is a search list logical, SAMBA duplicates the ASV behavior and honors only the first value in search list logical.
  • testparm utility will resolve all the logicals specified as "path" parameter for up to a maximum of 20 levels (that is, resolution will continue up to 20 levels).
  • Samba supports system-wide and cluster-wide logicals as a path value for shares.

The above new features are provided in addition to the features that were provided in the previous HP OpenVMS CIFS Version 1.2 release:

  • Improved installation and automated HP CIFS Server configuration
  • HP CIFS Server as member in Windows ADS Realm
  • File security improvements:
    • Simplify the use of mask and mode SMB.CONF parameters
    • Support for DELETE protection bit with mask and mode SMB.CONF parameters
    • Ability to set DELETE protection bit from Windows for OWNER/GROUP/WORLD RMS protection mask
    • Retain VMS ACE order while setting security
    • Map default_protection ace to create group OWNER/GROUP on windows
  • Performance enhancements:
    • Storing file size in an ACE for non-stream format files
    • Utility to automatically update file length hint values for Sequential VAR and VFC format files
    • Creation of TDB files using the optimized FDL file
    • Open file caching
  • ODS2 volume support:
    • Directory enumeration performance improvement
    • Handle extended ASCII characters in filenames
    • Allow 79 character length filenames
  • Support for fixed and undefined format file creation
  • Support for share security migration from ASV to CIFS
  • New CIFS utilities and improvements to existing utilities
  • Support for different idmap backends

Please refer to the release notes for more details.

HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) Version 1.2 Migration Kit

HP is very pleased to announce the availability of the HP OpenVMS CIFS Version 1.2 Migration Kit. This kit is used for the migration of data from HP Advanced Server for OpenVMS (Advanced Server) to the HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) server on the same node or across two different nodes. Data can be migrated if the Advanced Server is configured as a member server or as a Primary Domain Controller (PDC).

Please note:

  • CIFS Version 1.2 patch must be installed on the CIFS system for successful migration.
  • ASV_MIGRATION.BCK contains images and command procedures for generating the report on the ASV system. Restore this saveset on the ASV system for generating reports.
  • PDC migration is now supported.
  • Password migration for user accounts is now provided.
  • CONTROL flag implementation for better mapping of NT ACLs to VMS ACLs.
  • Many bug fixes have been addressed.

The CIFS_V12-MIGRATION.ZIP file that can be downloaded contains the following files:
- Migration Guide (Text, PS and PDF)

Please refer to HP OpenVMS CIFS Version 1.2 Migration Guide for more details on how to install these patches.

Please note that Printer and Share Security are not provided in this kit and will be provided at a later date.

License Terms

To access the CIFS Version 1.2 kits, please signify your acceptance of the OpenVMS CIFS license terms at: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/network/cifs_terms.html.

Download Patches for Alpha and Integrity Servers

For the latest HP OpenVMS Internet File System (CIFS) patches, click the following link:

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Note: Please contact the HP Customer Support Center in order to obtain the required PCSI patch.


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