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Greetings from Ann McQuaid

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October 2007

Anniversaries mark a point in time when you get the chance to look back at the journey you've taken and to look ahead at all that is to come. On the 30th anniversary of HP OpenVMS, we are doing just that.

What started in the mid 1970's as a visionary operating system for the VAX system has evolved into one of the industry's most secure and reliable foundations for mission-critical business. When we hear companies talk about how they measure their uptime in multiple years, we know we are enabling business in a way that few technologies can. The successes we celebrate on this anniversary are most certainly collective ones. Any company can develop a great technology. But without customers to support that technology and prove its value as a true enabler of business, its capability and influence are limited. We are fortunate and grateful to have some of the most loyal customers in the industry—organizations that have been running OpenVMS virtually since its inception. It is really their loyalty and ongoing support that we celebrate today. We thank them for sharing our vision and allowing HP to become an integral part of how they do business.

As we celebrate the past, we are also extremely excited about the future of OpenVMS. We have made a commitment to advancing the technology and enabling organizations in a variety of sectors that rely on it to drive business outcomes and promote differentiation.

Indeed, the future starts today with the release of our latest version of OpenVMS, version 8.3-1H1. This version adds enhanced support for the HP BladeSystem.

The launch of the HP c-Class Integrity server blade is already changing the way many organizations think about blade technology. They are realizing that the myths regarding space and power don't hold up, and that blades provide a cost-effective alternative to support compute-intensive, mission-critical operations.

We will also continue to enhance OpenVMS for the HP Integrity and AlphaServer platforms with new HP Integrity systems; storage performance and connectivity; performance and scalability; the integration of industry standards around security, integration software, Web Services, Java, and UNIX®/Linux® interoperability; and virtualization capabilities.

So thank you for joining us in our journey so far. We look forward to continuing the OpenVMS adventure with you, providing the technology that delivers the reliability, scalability, and security your mission-critical business has come to rely on. Be sure to visit our 30th anniversary web pages, too, and help us celebrate this important milestone in OpenVMS history.

Sincerely yours,

Ann McQuaid
General Manager, OpenVMS Systems Division
Hewlett-Packard Company