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GNV for OpenVMS

GNV for OpenVMS

GNV (GNU's Not VMS) is an open source, GNU-based UNIX environment for OpenVMS provides UNIX application developers, system managers, and users a UNIX-style environment on OpenVMS. This facilitates development and porting of UNIX software to OpenVMS. (GNU is a UNIX-like operating system that is free software.) GNV provides a UNIX-like shell (command-line interpreter) environment. The shell used by GNV is BASH (Bourne-Again SHell), from GNU, using the POSIX.2 specification.

HP is pleased to announce the availability of GNV version 3.0-1. GNV V3.0-1 has upgrades for 16 packages to the latest GNU level out of 24 total packages, including 81 components upgrades and 25 new components

Download GNV Version 3.0-1

» Download GNV Version 3.0-1 for Alpha (November 2011)
» Download GNV Version 3.0-1 for Integrity servers (November 2011)

Download BASH v1.14.8 (With ShellShock fix)

The ZIP files contain patched BASH image, which provides immunity against CVE-2014-6271 (a.k.a Shellshock), CVE-2014-7169, CVE-2014-6277, CVE-2014-6278, and CVE-2014-7186 (collectively known as Aftershock).
You need to install the GNV kit (GNV v3.0-1) prior to using this BASH image.

»  Download BASH Version 1.14.8 for Alpha (December 2014)
»  Download BASH Version 1.14.8 for Integrity servers (December 2014)

Download GNV Version 2.1-3

» Download GNV Version 2.1-3 for Alpha (January 2010)
» Download GNV Version 2.1-3 for Integrity servers (January 2010)

GNV is now available on SourceForge

GNV Version 3.0-1 kit is also available for download at SourceForge. The source files of GNV V3.0-1 would be available on SourceForge soon. GNV Version 2.1-3 source is the current source file on SourceForge. The intent of this release is to provide the latest and complete GNV sources to enable wider participation from the Open Source and OpenVMS community. For the GNV sources on SourceForge, visit the following website:


Download GNV Version 2.1-2 with Symbolic Links Support on OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity Version 8.3

» Download GNV Version 2.1-2 for Alpha   (March 2008)
» Download GNV Version 2.1-2 for I64      (March 2008)

GNV is a zip file containing the GNV PCSI file and its associated manifest. You can unzip the file using Unzip for OpenVMS on an OpenVMS system. If you unzip it using WinZip on a Windows system, be sure to copy or FTP both files to the same directory on the OpenVMS system.

See Secure Delivery documentation for more information about the manifest file.

See GNV Read Before Installing in HTML, PDF, or Text.

GNV Version 1.9 provides most of the improvements of V2.1-2 for OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3-2. Symbolic links are not supported because that version of VMS does not have the necessary features in the filesystem.

» Download GNV Version 1.9   (March 2008)