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HP Integrity server animation
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HP OpenVMS Announces Support for HP BladeSystems

HP is pleased to announce that as of 1 June 2007 OpenVMS version 8.3 supports HP BladeSystems c-Class (BL860c). The HP BladeSystem c-Class was designed from the ground up to deliver the future of scalable infrastructure design today—a clean-slate design and significant leap forward. The HP BladeSystem c-Class portfolio takes advantage of the best technologies across HP and brings them together to fundamentally improve how customers buy, manage, and use their computing resources. HP BladeSystem c-Class infrastructure offers flexibility and scalability by allowing customers to manage server, storage, networking, and power management as a unified environment. OpenVMS base system support for BladeSystems c-Class includes the following features:
  • Server BladeSystem (all processor speeds)
  • c7000 enclosure and HP Onboard Administration
  • Three PCIe mezzanine I/O slots plus core I/O

OpenVMS version 8.3 and accompanying patch kits provide initial support for BladeSystems c-Class BL860c

The items in the table below comprise a supported HP BladeSystems c-Class BL860c configuration running OpenVMS. When ordering an HP BladeSystems c-Class BL860c, specify the following part numbers:
  • AD217A for a Blade 1-processor system, or AD323A for a Blade 2-processor system
  • AD361A for the c7000 enclosure
  • 411243-B21 for the SB40c Storage Blade  New! (As of 07-01-2007)
  • 403619-B21 for the HP dual-port 4Gbps Fibre Channel Mezzanine Card (direct adaptor mezzanine card required when connecting to the direct-attached Storage Blade)
     New! (As of 07-01-2007)

First, read the Errata Sheet for HP OpenVMS Support of HP Integrity BL860c Server Blade (#5992-0787). This document is available on the HP Integrity Server Errata and Supplements page. The errata contains complete instructions on installing and configuring OpenVMS version 8.3 and all required patch kits on your HP BladeSystems c-Class BL860c.
  • OpenVMS version 8.3 for Integrity Servers Operating Environment DVD (BA323AA for EOE, BA322AA for FOE, BA324AA for MCOE)
  • One or more of the following Blades Tier C licenses:
    • BA819AC HP VMS I64 FOE PCL LTU with system
    • BA817AC HP VMS I64 EOE PCL LTU with system
    • BA821AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU with system
    • BA818AC HP VMS I64 FOE PCL LTU without system
    • BA816AC HP VMS I64 EOE PCL LTU without system
    • BA820AC HP VMS I64 MCOE PCL LTU without system
    • BA825AC HP Clusters VMS I64 Tier C PCL LTU
  • OpenVMS Base Blades enablement kit (VMS83I_BLADE_V0100 or later) available from HP's IT Resource Center (ITRC).
  • The following additional patch kits, also available via HP's IT Resource Center (ITRC):
    • VMS83I_UPDATE-V0200 or later
    • VMS83I_SYS-V0200 or later
    • VMS83I_LMF-V0200 or later
    • VMS83I_FIBRE_SCSI-V0400 or later
    • VMS83I_LAN-V0500 or later
  • HP OpenVMS Version 8.3 Upgrade and Installation Manual, part number BA322-90045, available by clicking here.
OpenVMS version 8.3 Software Product Description (SPD), available by clicking here.

Additional features, such as provisioning, HP SIM support, and WBEM providers, are intended to be part of the OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 release, planned for the fall of 2007.

Enhanced BladeSystems c-Class features coming in OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1

HP intends to include additional system management features for BladeSystems c-Class BL860c in the OpenVMS release planned to ship in the fall of 2007. This generally available release will build upon the capabilities provided by OpenVMS version 8.3. The following items are targeted to be included in OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1:
  • Provisioning
  • HP SIM providers
  • WBEM providers
  • VGA console
  • Virtual connect
  • Vmedia
HP BladeSystems c-Class infrastructure offers flexibility and scalability, taking advantage of the best technologies across HP- innovations that make everything from OpenVMS to HP printers among the best in the industry-and brings them together to fundamentally improve how customers buy, manage, and use their computing resources.

For more information about BladeSystems, see The Real Story about the HP BladeSystem c-Class.

FAQs for OpenVMS on BL860c Integrity Blade Servers

1. I've heard OpenVMS will initially support Blades with OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 in September. Is this correct?
OpenVMS version 8.3 will support the BL860c beginning on 1 June, 2007. OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 will add significant enhancements in the CY2H timeframe.

2. When can I order OpenVMS with the BL860c?
Your HP sales person or authorized representative will be able to place orders as of 1 June, 2007.

3. What version of OpenVMS is needed for BL860c base support?
OpenVMS Version 8.3 is required for BL860c base support. In addition, you must apply the following patch kits, available from the ITRC Web site or the ITRC FTP site. Note that update patch kit VMS83I_UPDATE-V0200 must be installed on V8.3 before any of the other kits.

  1. VMS83I_UPDATE-V0200
  2. VMS83I_SYS-V0200
  3. VMS83I_LMF-V0200
  4. VMS83I_FIBRE_SCSI-V0400
  5. VMS83I_LAN-V0500
  6. VMS83I_BLADE-V0100 (VMS83I_BLADE-V0100 will be available on the ITRC site on 1 June, 2007)

4. How do I install OpenVMS on HP Integrity BL860c Blade Server?
The Errata sheet for OpenVMS on HP Integrity BL860c Blade Server provides installation instructions. The errata sheet is available on the HP Integrity Server Errata and Supplements page.

5. Is there an alternate way of installing OpenVMS 8.3 with the required patch kits for c-Class Blade support onto a BL860c system?
Yes, if you have an Integrity system with local SAS drives running OpenVMS V8.3, you can build V8.3 with the patch kits listed in question 3 on a spare SAS drive and physically move it over to the BL860c system. HP recommends using an RX2660, RX3600, or RX6600 system to perform this operation. Once you move it over and boot, you can continue the process by configuring the system for operation. After you have the first BL860c running OpenVMS V8.3, you can use this Server Blade to build subsequent SAS disks for other BL860c systems if needed. HP has tested this method using the following HP SAS disks:

  • 376596-001
  • 432322-001
  • 376597-001
  • 432321-001

6. Today, optional mezzanine network I/O cards are available for HP ProLiant Blade Servers. Will these cards become available for HP Integrity Blade Servers, and what is the schedule for OpenVMS support?
OpenVMS does not support a Gigabit Ethernet Mezzanine Card for the BL860c at this time. Plans call for multi-port Gigabit Ethernet mezzanine cards to be available at the end of calendar year 2007. OpenVMS will support these cards with OpenVMS V8.3-1H1, which will also be available toward the end of the calendar year.