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HP DCPI for OpenVMS introduction

» Important notice for customers using HP DCPI with OpenVMS v8.2—please read this notice before installing or running HP DCPI

The HP Digital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (HP DCPI) Advanced Development Kit for AlphaServer systems permits continuous low-overhead profiling of entire systems, including the kernel, user programs, drivers, and shared libraries. The system is efficient enough that it can be left running all the time, allowing it to be used to drive online profile-based optimizations for production systems.

HP DCPI maintains a database of profile information that is incrementally updated for every executable image that runs. A suite of profile analysis tools analyzes the profile information at various levels. At one extreme, the tools show what fraction of CPU cycles were spent executing the kernel and each user program. At the other extreme, the tools show how long a particular instruction stalls on average, for example, because of a D-cache miss.

HP DCPI documentation contains an overview of DCPI for OpenVMS, along with detailed descriptions of DCPI commands.

To download and install DCPI, you must first agree to the terms of the license and register with HP. You will then receive an e-mail message with the location of the download kit.

To be notified of new releases and other developments, sign up for our HP DCPI mailing list by sending us your full name, affiliation, mailing address, and preferred e-mail address.

Important notice for customers using HP DCPI with OpenVMS v8.2

Please read the following important information about the compatibility between HP DCPI and OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems

Installation or activation of HP DCPI for OpenVMS Alpha T2.0 on OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems v8.2 will cause a system crash.

To facilitate greater scalability and improved performance, OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems v8.2 includes changes to the internal data structures. HP DCPI for OpenVMS Alpha has some knowledge of these data structure changes, however, because HP DCPI T2.0 was compiled against OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems Version 7, it uses the Version 7 layout of these structures.

This discrepancy in data structures causes a SSRVEXCEPT bugcheck when the HP DCPI installation or startup procedure loads the driver on OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems v8.2. The installation procedure for the HP DCPI for OpenVMS Alpha T2.0 kit does not recognize that OpenVMS Alpha V8.2 is an unsupported version of the operating system for this version of HP DCPI.

HP DCPI for OpenVMS Alpha T2.0 works only on OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems v7.2 and v7.3-2. HP will soon provide updated HP DCPI kits to address the data structure discrepancies between OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems v8.2 and OpenVMS for AlphaServer systems v7.2 and v7.3-2.

Please note that there are currently no plans to support HP DCPI on OpenVMS for Integrity servers.

If you have issues or have additional questions, please contact us.

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If you have any questions or comments, or need any further information or assistance, click here.

For more information about HP DCPI in general, see the HP Digital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure project home page.

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