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»  Download source code for CSWS_PHP_V2.1 for Alpha and Integrity servers

IMPORTANT Source code kits are provided "as-is" and without any support from HP. The binaries resulting from a build from either modified or unmodified source code are unsupported. HP provides support, via OpenVMS software services contracts, only for HP supplied binaries.

These self-extracting zip files contain the source code (mainly .c and .h files) for csws_php in backup saveset form. They are intended only for reference and for building PHP modules using the header files provided. The savesets do not include complete build procedures, .obj, .olb, .exe, .lis, .map, .html, .jpeg, .gif, .java, .class or .jar files.

1. Download the CSWS_PHP Source Code Kits for OpenVMS Alpha or OpenVMS Integrity servers

The CSWS_PHP source code kits include the source code for CSWS_PHP Version 2.1

» Download CSWS_PHP for OpenVMS Alpha Source Code

Make sure the name of the saved file is PHPV21-SOURCE.BCK_SFX_AXPEXE. The compressed file contains 40,069 blocks.

» Download CSWS_PHP for OpenVMS Integrity server Source Code

Make sure the name of the saved file is PHPV21-SOURCE.BCK_SFX_I64EXE. The compressed file contains 40,261 blocks.

2. Expand the Self-Extracting Files

To expand the CSWS_PHP source kit self-extracting file, enter one of the following commands, depending on the kit you download:

$ RUN PHPV21-SOURCE.BCK_SFX_AXPEXE ! for OpenVMS Alpha servers
$ RUN PHPV21-SOURCE.BCK_SFX_I64EXE ! for OpenVMS Integrity server	

3. Extract the Component Savesets

To extract the CSWS_PHP source kit savesets, enter the following command:

$ BACKUP PHPV21-SOURCE.BCK/save disk:[*...]

4.Remove ACLs from Restored Files

Remove any ACLs from the restored files by entering the following command:


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