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HP Integrity server animation
HP Integrity server animation
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HP expands OpenVMS product availability with the addition of new capability and new software products for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers

HP continues to expand the availability of OpenVMS for the HP Integrity server line. Now, PA-RISC-based HP 9000 sever customers can add HP Integrity cell boards running OpenVMS on these hybrid systems (HP Superdome Hybrid Servers Whitepaper).

In addition, the following layered products are, or will soon be, available:

  • BASEstar
    Facilitates integration of manufacturing applications and plant equipment.
  • HP Application Control and Management System for OpenVMS (ACMS)
    Provides a complete and customizable development and run-time environment for transaction processing applications.
    A query, report, and data management tool that provides uniform access methods for data stored by RMS Oracle databases.
  • DECforms
    Used to develop and deploy forms-based UI for interactive applications running on OpenVMS systems.
  • TDMS
    An older generation character cell terminal forms package for transaction processing environments.
  • IBM Interconnect
    Allows integration with IBM environments and IBM data structures.
  • Graphical Kernel System (GKS)
    A 2D/3D graphics support system that provides sets of programming functions for creating interactive/non-interactive graphics application.
  • HP OpenVMS Disaster Tolerant Solutions
    This technology combines high availability and disaster tolerance while delivering protection against larger outages such as catastrophic data-center failure due to natural disasters, fire, electrical failure, evacuation, or pervasive sabotage.
  • HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) based on Samba
    Provides users with seamless file and print interoperability between OpenVMS and Windows-based clients.
HP OpenVMS version 8.2-1 is the new release for HP Integrity servers. This new OpenVMS version is now available on the entire line of HP Integrity servers—from the high-end Integrity Superdome to the entry-class servers. This allows for enhanced total cost of ownership (TCO) and investment protection through consolidation and greater business continuity. HP OpenVMS continues to build on its core values of high availability, security, disaster tolerance, scalability, reliability, ease of management, adaptability and flexibility. Current OpenVMS customers can continue to evolve their environments with the latest in HP Integrity hardware technology. New OpenVMS customers can take advantage of it in the full range of flexible, adaptable, multiple-operating systems environments provided by HP Integrity servers.

Delivering on our commitment to the adaptive enterprise, HP is pleased to announce Integrity Essentials Global Work Load Manager (gWLM) for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers and Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) version 5.0 middleware. gWLM for OpenVMS offers you greater flexibility and control with efficient resource utilization and SLA compliance capabilities. RTR version 5.0 middleware for OpenVMS on Integrity servers provides software-based fault tolerance as part of our business continuity and 100-percent application up-time capability. RTR is a multiple operating system, multi-platform product.

With OpenVMS available on the entire HP Integrity server portfolio, you can choose to deploy HP Integrity servers as your business needs require. And the mixed architecture clusters of Integrity servers and AlphaServer systems are fully supported, thus promoting the integration of HP Integrity servers into an OpenVMS environment at the pace directed by your business needs. In addition, licensing and service plans for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers offer reduced complexity, increased cost-effectiveness, and greater flexibility.

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