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OpenVMS Software Licensing

An OpenVMS software license is defined by the combination of HP Software licensing terms and End-user license agreements. The OpenVMS software license is a perpetual license which grants you the right to use the current version of the software and all earlier versions. To obtain future software updates, software support with 'rights to new versions' is available. HP also provides industry-leading software investment protection with its OpenVMS software license trade-in and transfer policies.

» Read the OpenVMS Software Licensing terms

OpenVMS software is licensed on a per-socket basis on the new HP Integrity family of servers (models BL8x0c i2, rx2800 i2). OpenVMS software on all other Integrity servers is still licensed on a per-core basis. Note that there are a few products that are licensed on a per-server or per-cluster basis on all Integrity servers. Customers who purchase one of the OpenVMS v8.4 OE licenses also have license rights to use the earlier version of an OE according to the mapping as shown in the following table.

Purchased OpenVMS v8.4 OE OpenVMS v8.4 OE License To Use OpenVMS v8.3-1H1 OE License To Use
Base OE Base OE Foundation OE
High Availability OE Base OE
High Availability OE
Mission Critical OE
Enterprise OE
Foundation OE

Note that the prior version (v8.3-1H1) license provided by the OpenVMS version 8.4 OE license applies only to the package content of the designated original OE. Any products included in the OpenVMS v8.4 OE but which are not included in the original OE package are not provided by this license. These products would have to be licensed separately.

» See the support lifecycle for all OpenVMS versions

» View the value of upgrading to v8.4

OpenVMS Software Virtualization Licensing Policy

The OpenVMS Software Virtualization Licensing Policy allows customers to purchase software licenses for less than the full capacity of a server or hard partition (nPar) when the software will be run in an HP Integrity Virtual Machines VM (Virtual Machine). Virtualization Licensing allows a customer to cap his licensing costs so that he only needs to purchase the number of per-core or per-socket licenses needed. This method of virtualization licensing is called “ala carte”, and the customer needs to carefully pre-define the size and contents of each virtual partition. Virtualization Licensing is not applicable for software licensed on a per-processor basis. Some ISVs also have virtualization licensing policies that a customer can take advantage of to minimize his software costs.

» Read the OpenVMS Virtualization Licensing FAQ

OpenVMS Software Investment Protection Policies

HP provides software investment protection for your OpenVMS Operating Environments. The only requirement is to have a software support contract in place that includes 'rights to new versions' – a standard practice for all mission-critical system environments. When you upgrade your server environment, either via the purchase of replacement servers or via server consolidation, they receive a 100% credit on their order when OEs are traded-in for like OEs on the same server tier.

» View the OpenVMS Integrity Server Software Trade-in and Transfer Policy

» View the OpenVMS Legacy Platform Software Trade-in Policy

For further OpenVMS Licensing information, please contact your HP Sales Representative.