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BRUDEN-OSSG training and consulting services

BRUDEN-OSSG is a training and consulting services provider for OpenVMS and other HP operating systems. The company was founded by Dennis O'Brien and Bruce Ellis to meet the technical training demands of HP engineers, support staff, and customers.

Porting and migration

The BRUDEN-OSSG technical staff has experience in migrating to a variety of platforms and operating systems, including consulting:

  • On Tru64 UNIX—HP-UX migration
  • On Tru64 UNIX—Linux migration
  • With Sun and HP for Tru64 UNIX storage migration
  • On Windows XP to AIX migration
  • On OpenVMS VAX to AlphaServer ports

They also have experience porting:

  • OpenVMS from AlphaServer and VAX to IA64
  • OpenVMS from VAX to AlphaServer
  • HP-UX for PA-RISC to IA64
  • Customer Applications from 32-bit to 64-bit environments
  • Customer Applications from big endian to little endian byte ordering and vice versa
  • Customer Applications from OpenVMS to various UNIX platforms
  • Customer Applications from one UNIX platform to another

They have worked with customers migrating back to OpenVMS from UNIX platforms, too.

BRUDEN-OSSG professionals communicate well and are experts on specific sets of platforms, so they can comfortably take you in the direction appropriate for your business.

BRUDEN-OSSG porting and migration services include:

  • Asseess systems, storage, applications, and tools—identify dependencies and risks
  • Recommend solutions based on the assessments
  • Assist with setting up replacement and test environments (operating system installation, configuration, and patching)
  • Assist with application installation
  • Assist with migration testing and evaluation
  • Assist with the actual migration phase
  • Port applications from OpenVMS VAX and AlphaServer systems to IA64, using a turnkey approach, in which you, the customer, do not have to be involved in the process

BRUDEN-OSSG personnel are uniquely qualified to provide guidance and detailed assistance in your migration decisions. 

Performance analysis

BRUDEN-OSSG professionals know that real performance improvements start at the application level. They work with the customer to:
  • Get a quick understanding of the application:
    • They have worked on a variety of applications and understand what it takes to put an application together from an operating system perspective.
    • They know the performance tradeoffs in design decisions.
    • They query and listen to the customer about how the application was designed.
  • Analyze the bottlenecks:
    • Our professionals understand the operating system at the internals level.
    • They know how to read and interpret the performance statistics generated by a wide variety of tools.
    • They know how changes should affect the performance of an application, before they make them.
    • After a customer interview, to identify goals, they determine the potential gains and provide a flat-rate for a solution.
  • Provide a cost-effective solution to the problem:
    • They work with the customer to either recommend or implement application changes.
    • They provide a follow-up analysis to validate that the performance has improved.
The BRUDEN-OSSG guarantee is that if the customer follows our guidelines and does not see an improvement in performance, the customer is not charged.

BRUDEN-OSSG experts have a proven track record of performing effective tuning.

In cases where the customer does not have access to the application, BRUDEN-OSSG can provide services to improve the interface between the application and the system, such as effective memory and caching usage.

While most system parameters and kernel attributes are sufficiency related, as opposed to tuning related, BRUDEN-OSSG does not focus on this method as a tuning option; for example, there is typically no "golden" parameter to tweak (unless one was improperly set previously.) However, BRUDEN-OSSG does provide an analysis of system parameters and kernel attributes as part of any analysis.

In cases, where hardware upgrades may be the most cost-effective solution, BRUDEN-OSSG assists the customer in determining the appropriate hardware to meet their needs.


BRUDEN-OSSG has extensive background utilizing operating system tools for analyzing system crash dumps, system and process hangs, and misbehaving applications. More importantly, it has the technical depth to analyze the data, understand the predicted behavior, and in most cases find a solution, or in worst case, a workaround, for the problem.  In some cases, BRUDEN-OSSG helps you through the escalation process, as the ultimate problem may be embedded within the operating system.

With certain problems, there may be a coding issue that can be used to resolve the problem.  The BRUDEN-OSSG staff helps point you to the cause of the problem, and makes coding recommendations to assist in problem resolution.  They do not stop at "There is a problem in your application," if you work with them on understanding your application.


BRUDEN-OSSG has the staff to provide on-call support in a variety of packages to suit your budget and needs, including:

  • 24 x 7 coverage or 9 x 5 coverage
  • Response times to meet demands for your site and to fit within your budget
  • BRUDEN-OSSG works with your selected hardware vendor to help pinpoint failing system components

BRUDEN-OSSG can also work with you on staff augmentation for system administration or programming responsibilities. It can implement these services:

  • At your site, which would involve travel
  • Remotely, where possible
  • Or as a combination of on-site and remote

The BRUDEN-OSSG staff is conversant in HP OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, and Linux. They are able to communicate with you to quickly pinpoint your problem and provide a solution.

System design

When designing a system to meet the needs of a mission-critical environment, it is of utmost importance that you understand the operating system features that are available in resolving the problem in the most effective way.

BRUDEN-OSSG staff has an encyclopedic understanding of the design options within the platforms in which they work. They also have the analytical abilities to take these pieces and put them together in ways that effectively and efficiently provide a solution.

System programming

BRUDEN-OSSG is intimately familiar with the operating system kernels. If you need custom system programming at the kernel level, from device drivers to custom performance tools, BRUDEN-OSSG can provide this level of support to you.

Custom scripts

In the UNIX space, BRUDEN-OSSG is comfortable with a variety of scripting languages from ksh and bash to Perl and beyond.  If you are looking for a system administration support script, look to BRUDEN-OSSG.


Minimize your costs by tapping into the knowledge and experience provided by the BRUDEN-OSSG IT professionals—they have invested time and energy in HP OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, and Linux—so that your investment in us will quickly, efficiently, and completely meet your needs.

As part of your porting or migration plan, BRUDEN-OSSG can train your staff on new operating system platforms or the best practices for taking advantage of your new hardware.  BRUDEN-OSSG offers HP Authorized courses, as well as BRUDEN-OSSG custom offerings to meet your specific needs. Courses range from user and admininstrator level through programming and internals.

Bruden wrote the book

Contact Bruden:
Direct line: +1-719-488-3706