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CDC Software (formerly Ross Systems, Inc.)

CDC Software, a subsidiary of CDC Corporation, is a provider of comprehensive enterprise software applications and business services designed to help organizations thrive and become customer-driven market leaders. Its comprehensive suite of industry-specific solutions includes:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Microsoft CRM add-ons
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

These industry-specific solutions are used by more than 6,000 customers in 50 countries worldwide within the manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, home building, real estate, and wholesale and retail distribution industries. The company completes its offerings with a full range of services that span the life cycle of technology and software applications, from implementation and project consulting to outsourced business services, application management, and offshore development. CDC Software is ranked number 18 on the Manufacturing Business Technology 2006 Global 100 List of Enterprise and Supply Chain Management Application vendors.

HP and CDC Software work closely to ensure that HP OpenVMS systems work seamlessly with CDC Software manufacturing and service solutions. Through a myriad of enterprise applications and hardware environments, CDC Software and HP strive to find optimal solutions for efficiency and profitability.

» Internet Applications Framework—Web-based foundation for CDC Software applications
» Ross Enterprise-Enterprise Resource Planning—comprehensive ERP for process manufacturers

» Supporting documents
» Company contact

Internet Application Framework (IAF)

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

The Internet Application Framework (IAF, formerly Gembase 4GL) is the platform that underlies all CDC Software Ross Enterprise applications. This next-generation architecture leverages advanced Internet technologies to provide end users with Web access to Ross Enterprise applications. It also enables organizations to easily and flexibly integrate Ross Enterprise applications with other internal systems and external trading partners. With IAF as a foundation, Ross Enterprise customers enjoy extended scalability and performance, lower total cost of ownership, and higher end-user satisfaction.

Key components:

  • iBrowser—provides a highly flexible, Internet-based front end for Ross Enterprise applications
  • IAF Mobile—extends Ross Enterprise applications beyond the boundaries of desktop workstations and laptop computers to handheld and other mobile devices
  • IAF Server—delivers an enormous amount of scalability, flexibility, and performance with an application server, a database server, and a user interface server
  • IAF Metadata—creates logical separation between Ross Enterprise applications and the underlying technology, and enables successful evolutions across technology paradigms

The HP OpenVMS operating system provides a stable, secure, and robust environment needed for rapid, professional application development. Moreover, the exceptional clustering and networking capabilities of HP OpenVMS Integrity and AlphaServer systems make them a solid platform for Ross IAF-based applications.

» More about Internet Application Framework

Ross Enterprise—Enterprise Resource Planning

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

Ross Enterprise—Enterprise Resource Planning (Ross ERP) is a complete enterprise resource planning suite specifically designed to meet the unique operating requirements associated with the production and packaging of products through recipe and formula-based production. It enables process-oriented manufacturers to effectively produce, manage, and track goods, information, and resources across the enterprise and supply chain, while adhering to increasingly stringent quality standards.

Ross ERP is built upon an Internet-based technology foundation that provides easy adaptability to changing business models and communications innovations. The architecture is completely browser-based, and leverages industry-standard XML Web services to enable connectivity between Ross ERP and other internal and external enterprise systems, devices, people, and processes.

Key modules:

  • Ross Financial Management—efficiently manages and optimizes business operations across multiple companies, divisions, and sites throughout the supply chain
  • Ross Manufacturing Management—supports real-time manufacturing decision-making, ensures quality, increases plant throughput, contains costs, and improves delivery performance
  • Ross Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance—precisely controls materials, co-products, by-products, end products, batch scaling, date code tracking, shelf-life expiration dating, lot tracing, and yield optimization; quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) are integral parts of all Ross Enterprise applications
  • Ross Materials Management and Inventory Control—manages materials, intermediate goods, and finished goods across multi-company, multi-division, or multi-site environments based upon characteristics such as shelf-life, pH, moisture content, and potency level
  • Ross Maintenance Management—provides electronic management of work orders, integrated procurement and scheduling, work order status and alerts, detailed equipment records and specifications, preventative and predictive maintenance (PM), and integrated costing and charge accounts
  • Ross Business Analytics—captures and summarizes transactional and statistical data from operations to provide timely, actionable information needed to analyze key performance indicators and make better decisions
  • Ross Data Collection—enables acceptance of data input by scanning bar code labels and RFID

When Ross ERP is deployed on HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers, process manufacturers gain a reliable and secure enterprise resource planning system with outstanding scalability and performance. In addition, the security and manageability built into the OpenVMS operating system make it a safe and cost-effective IT environment for running all aspects of process manufacturing organizations.

» More about Ross Enterprise—Enterprise Resource Planning

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site

Company contact

CDC Software
Suite 800
Two Concourse Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States
Tel: +1-770-351-9600
Fax: +1-770-351-0036
» CDC Software Web site

Thomas Fallucco
Manager, Strategic Alliance Programs
Tel: +1-678-259-8544
E-mail: TFallucco@cdcsoftware.com