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Cincom Systems, Inc.

Cincom Systems, Inc. is a privately held systems software and services company that develops and markets products which simplify complex businesses. Their innovative products address needs in the areas of customer communications, data management, application development, outsourcing, and hosting. Founded in 1968, Cincom serves thousands of customers on six continents, offering standard software products and custom solutions that add value, reduce risk, and accelerate return on investment. Industries served by Cincom include communications, education, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and retail.

Cincom partners with HP when their solutions demand the security, reliability, scalability, and manageability provided by HP AlphaServer and Integrity systems running the OpenVMS operating system. The combination of Cincom software and HP OpenVMS infrastructure has resulted in successful deployment of mission-critical, high value add solutions in many industries.

» MANTIS—rapid application development system
» SUPRA Server PDM—physical data manager-based (database) management system
» SUPRA Server SQL—SQL-based database management system

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Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

MANTIS is an advanced rapid application development system that provides design, development, and implementation facilities for creating of Web-based applications. An extremely effective tool for prototyping, MANTIS can be used for all online development, dramatically shortening the time to productivity. End-user involvement in system development and the prototyping process becomes both practical and successful because interactive facilities make it easy to create and refine screen designs, report layouts, data requirements, and all interactive, online documents and help screens.

MANTIS offers advanced capabilities for both the developer and the end-user, including the following:

  • Prototyping features for efficient system design
  • A full-function development language that optimizes developer productivity
  • Feature-rich facilities that enable high performance in the production environment
  • A broad set of components for faster system development, testing, and implementation

The outstanding networking capabilities of HP OpenVMS systems, along with their high levels of security and availability, make them ideal platforms to host MANTIS development environments and MANTIS-developed applications. MANTIS users also benefit from the high performance levels and easy system manageability of HP AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers running the OpenVMS operating system.

» More about MANTIS


Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

SUPRA Server PDM is a hierarchical, interactive database management system designed for high-performance, large-scale, online transaction processing applications. A variety of tools and advanced features such as multitask or single-task modes, automatic restart on failure, and Cincom's relational data management language (RDML) provide a high degree of control over data storage resources to tailor the database to fit specific needs and environments.

Key benefits:

  • Easy access to the server database management system from multiple clients in the same machine, or through TCP/IP from other client machines
  • Reduced overhead to move data from disk storage to memory to applications
  • Fast online processing with enhanced transaction performance

SUPRA Server PDM databases on HP OpenVMS systems benefit from the high reliability and security for which OpenVMS is renowned. Deploying SUPRA Server PDM on highly scalable HP AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers running OpenVMS ensures that mission-critical applications enjoy high reliability and high performance even as databases grow to enormous sizes.

» More about SUPRA Server PDM


AlphaServer system ready

SUPRA Server SQL is an ANSI-compliant relational database management system that brings legacy mainframe data into the SQL, client/server, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) world. It is ideal for organizations that are using mainframes for their primary database systems and are considering integrating those systems with departmental client/server systems. SUPRA Server SQL is designed for scalability and cross-platform integration, yet it is easy to administer and maintain. It provides access to data in open and proprietary environments through industry standard SQL, providing excellent performance for high-volume, update-oriented processing regardless of how or where data is stored.

SUPRA Server SQL features and capabilities:

  • Easily add new technologies such as multimedia, object-oriented, and new hardware and software to the base technology without disrupting existing applications and operations
  • Access information either directly or indirectly via a distributed transaction
  • Share data with other data managers such as Oracle, Sybase, Ingres and Informix
  • Interchange hardware without changes in software
  • Enable users to work in native languages and develop systems that support local requirements

HP AlphaServer systems running the OpenVMS operating system are ideal platforms for SUPRA Server SQL databases. The unbeatable reliability of OpenVMS systems meets the most stringent requirements for mission-critical databases, while the scalability and fast I/O performance of OpenVMS AlphaServer systems ensure excellent service levels for the largest corporate databases.

» More about SUPRA Server SQL

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site

Company contact

Cincom Systems, Inc.
55 Merchant Street
Cincinnati, OH 45246
United States
Tel: +1 (513) 612 2300
Fax: +1 (513) 612 2000
» Cincom Systems, Inc. Web site

Rick Calvert
Senior Product Manager
Tel: +1 (513) 612 2198
E-mail: rcalvert@cincom.com