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Eiger Systems Limited

Founded in 1997, Eiger Systems Limited is one of the market leaders in the development and supply of data validation and payment-processing software to support automated banking and e-commerce companies. Specializing in modular software that can be easily integrated with both existing and new business applications, Eiger Systems has more than 750 clients, including financial services, retail, insurance, local and central government, utilities, telecommunications and broadcasting companies, charitable sectors, application service providers (ASPs), and other organizations that offer electronic bill resentment and payment (EBPP) services.

HP OpenVMS operating systems running on AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers provides the processing power and reliability required to support mission-critical operations such as payment processing. Eiger Systems leverages the reliability and security of OpenVMS to ensure accurate customer banking details and provide rapid payment processing for their customers, reducing administrative costs and improving customer service.

» BALANCE TRANSFER WIZARD—a secure and reliable card number validation solution
» BANK WIZARD—a flexible service and software solution for validating bank account details
» BANK WIZARD for CARDS—a robust and reliable credit, debit, and charge card solution
» BILLER WIZARD—a secure and reliable bill-payment and validation solution
» EigerPAY Gateway—a scalable software solution for organizations upgrading to BACSTEL-IP

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» Company contact


AlphaServer systems ready

BALANCE TRANSFER WIZARD is the card number validation solution for credit card companies that offer balance transfer options to their customers. BALANCE TRANSFER WIZARD validates the details of credit, charge, or store credit cards as they are entered into the new lender's system before submission to automated banking services such as BACS. This prevents delayed or rejected payments as a result of processing incorrect account information.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive database of credit card account information
  • Card number validation including length, BIN and modulus checking routines
  • Configurable interface for selective card scheme, type or issuer acceptance
  • Accurate sort codes and account numbers for settlement by direct credit
  • Identification of card issuers requiring balance transfers by check, including their remittance details
  • Powerful application program interface (API) facilities for embedding within any balance transfer system
BALANCE TRANSFER WIZARD on HP OpenVMS combines a secure, robust HP operating environment with expertly designed account-validation software to provide the computing power needed to support balance transfer processing. OpenVMS and Eiger Systems work closely together to give card issuers and other financial service providers the ability to offer immediate balance transfer options to customers for a clear competitive advantage and increased market share.



Integrity server ready
AlphaServer systems ready

BANK WIZARD is a service and software solution for validating bank account details. It is easily integrated with existing software applications, and it uses the most accurate database of bank information available. Retailers and service providers can check the validity of bank details at the point of entry, eliminating errors prior to submission to an automated clearing system such as BACS or SWIFT. By eliminating error rates in bank details at the point of capture and ensuring that payments will be accepted- BANK WIZARD lowers costs and improves customer service.

BANK WIZARD supports validation for multiple countries. Its flexible architecture allows easy integration of new country modules either as a stand-alone system or in combination with other country modules.

Key features:

  • Full validation of sort codes
  • Modulus checking of account numbers, branch and bank codes, and roll numbers
  • Identification of roll number requirements
  • Validation and formation of international bank account numbers (IBANs)
  • Error returns and warnings to prevent the submission of invalid bank details
  • Automatic conversion of non-standard account details for domestic clearing systems
  • Available for all main operating systems
Running on HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers, BANK WIZARD provides the reliability and security that serve as the foundation for today's most demanding automated banking and e-commerce systems.

» More about BANK WIZARD


AlphaServer systems ready

BANK WIZARD for CARDS is a credit, debit, and charge card solution that validates the authenticity of card information prior to the payment authorization process. Ideal for organizations in any industry who authorize payments in batch mode, BANK WIZARD for CARDS checks the validity of cards prior to the authorization process so that bank data exchange errors are detected immediately during the transaction process.

Key features:

  • Secure, reliable credit card information validation tools
  • Requisite data capturing, including issue numbers, expiration dates, security codes, and contact information
  • Powerful application programming interface (API) facilitates embedding within existing payment application
  • Internet toolkit and Web-based application integration capability
  • Banking information database maintained by Eiger Systems
Accurate and rapid credit, debit, and charge card payment processing requires reliable, available, and scalable software, hardware, and operating systems. HP OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems provides BANK WIZARD for CARDS with a robust and highly reliable platform to perform mission-critical functions such as credit, debit, and charge-card payment processing with minimal downtime. Together, Eiger Systems and HP OpenVMS ensure that enterprises receive accurate customer card details and provide rapid payment processing for their customers-increasing productivity, eliminating potential loss of income, and improving customer service.

» More about BANK WIZARD for CARDS


Integrity server ready
AlphaServer systems ready

BILLER WIZARD is a bill-payment and validation solution for banks and electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) suppliers that offer telephone or Internet payment facilities to paid customers. BILLER WIZARD validates the payments when they are made, and then credits the EBPP suppliers' bank account. The customer-information database behind BILLER WIZARD is frequently updated to ensure that financial service providers benefit from the most up-to-date information.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive and accurate database of company information
  • Full details for all bill brand names and billing categories
  • Company contact details for paying banks and customer inquiries
  • Accurate direct credit sort codes and account numbers
  • Application programming interface (API) can be applied to any bill payment or banking system
Bill payment processing systems require highly secure and available platforms with minimal downtime to avoid missed, delayed, or rejected payments, which directly impact revenue flow and customer service. HP OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers provide the processing power and reliability needed to support 24 hours, 7 days a week bill payment processing. Together, OpenVMS and BILLER WIZARD help billing departments improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and decrease bill-processing costs.

» More about BILLER WIZARD

EigerPAY Gateway

AlphaServer systems ready

EigerPAY Gateway is a highly sophisticated and scaleable software solution designed for organizations upgrading from BACSTEL to BACSTEL-IP, the United Kingdom's internet-based electronic funds-processing platform from BACS Payments Systems Limited. EigerPAY Gateway is especially suited to large organizations and companies with diverse payment applications, multiple BACS service user numbers, or complex submission policies.

EigerPAY Gateway gives BACS submitters the opportunity to use the full potential of BACSTEL-IP. Designed to integrate easily with any payment application, it provides users with maximum control over the entire process of creating, verifying, signing, authorizing, and transmitting BACSTEL-IP payment submissions.

Providing enhanced security and automation-including support for hardware security modules (HSMs), EigerPAY Gateway eliminates the risk of incorrectly submitting payments and significantly reduces the costs associated with administering BACS payment files. EigerPAY Gateway was the first BACSTEL-IP solution to receive BACS approval for HSM and Bureau operations.

Key features and benefits:

  • Approved under the BACS Approved Software Service—enables an organization to capitalize on the benefits of BACSTEL-IP, giving them the confidence that their software meets stringent BACS requirements
  • Scaleable from simple manual operation to fully automated gateway—offers maximum flexibility over the control of company payment file submissions
  • Unrivalled security—gives companies the power to fully exploit and supplement the security features of BACSTEL-IP
  • Integrates with existing payment applications—enables companies to migrate seamlessly from existing BACSTEL solutions
  • Automates collection and processing of BACS reports—implements automatic reformatting and distribution of reports to the appropriate individuals and applications
EigerPAY Gateway running on HP OpenVMS servers provides security, high availability, and rapidly automated reporting capabilities, eliminating the risk of incorrect payment submissions. Together, HP OpenVMS and EigerPAY Gateway cut the costs of manually administering BACS payment files and improve the submission process.

» More about EigerPAY Gateway

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) profile

Company contact

Eiger Systems Limited
Eiger Point
Swift Park
Old Leicester Road
Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 1DZ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (1788) 554 800
Fax: +44 (1788) 554 900
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Mark Bish
Product Manager
Tel: +44 (1788) 554 800
E-mail: mark.bish@eiger.co.uk