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EMC Corporation is a global leader in enterprise content and storage management software. EMC solutions provide robust and reliable information protection, automated availability, and messaging and content management. These solutions and services help a broad range of organizations simplify their management and control of information to enable business continuity and compliance at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

EMC and HP have formed a worldwide business partnership to provide enterprises running HP OpenVMS on AlphaServer and Integrity systems a choice of data backup and restoration solutions. This flexibility enables companies to more effectively implement data protection strategies that address their specific business needs.

» NetWorker Module for Oracle, backup solutions for Oracle databases
» NetWorker OpenVMS

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NetWorker Module for Oracle

AlphaServer system ready
Integrity server ready

NetWorker Module for Oracle is a backup solution for Oracle databases hosted on a variety of platforms, including HP OpenVMS. The modules, which are the only backup solutions bundled with every Oracle10g, Oracle9i, and Oracle8i database, are fully integrated with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) to provide automated, highly reliable protection and fast, granular recovery while maintaining Oracle availability.

The stability of NetWorker Module for Oracle on HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems enables businesses in all industry segments to increase Oracle service levels and simplify the complexities of database backups, thereby reducing management overhead. In addition, the support for clustered servers and databases provided by the combined EMC and HP solution ensures the disaster tolerance required by today's 24 x 7 enterprises.

» More about NetWorker Module for Oracle

NetWorker OpenVMS

AlphaServer system ready
Integrity server ready

NetWorker OpenVMS is a powerful data-protection solution for HP OpenVMS systems in SCSI-based direct-attached storage (DAS) and fibre-based storage area network (SAN) environments. As options to the NetWorker backup and recovery solution, these two products provide organizations running HP OpenVMS with a centrally managed solution that supports heterogeneous storage environments, automated backup scheduling, and media and device management.

This NetWorker product is optimized to reduce network traffic and improve overall backup and recovery performance on HP OpenVMS systems. Using NetWorker OpenVMS Client and Storage Node with HP OpenVMS on AlphaServer and Integrity systems, IT managers and database administrators can standardize on one application to provide reliable data protection, resulting in less management overhead and greater return on investment (ROI) for storage resources.

» More aboout NetWorker OpenVMS

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» HP and EMC relationship
» NetWorker Module for Oracle now available for OpenVMS
» EMC press releases
» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) website

Company contact

EMC Corporation
176 South Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748
United States
Tel: +1-508-435-1000
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Chris Patel
EMC Strategic Technology Alliances
Tel: +1-508-249-5142
E-mail: patel_chris@emc.com

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For more information or questions directed at EMC, please send e-mail to openvms@emc.com.