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Integrated Software Design, Inc.

Integrated Software Design (ISD) offers products and services for bar-code printing, compliance labeling, product tracking, and business-process automation. ISD solutions serve the life sciences, manufacturing, chemical, retail, education, finance, and electronics industries. ISD offerings include software, hardware, publications, educational services, consulting, system integration, and design and analysis, employing the latest IT-based solutions and knowledge-enabled business practices to improve business processes for clients worldwide.

ISD and HP share a strategic partnership to develop easy-to-use, flexible, scalable business-process automation solutions. ISD's high-performance bar code printing, compliance labeling, and product tracking software combines with HP industry-leading servers and operating systems to deliver cost-effective solutions that increase productivity and operational efficiency.

» On-Tap UNIX/VMS—bar-coding utility
» Tattoo ID—label design and bar-code printing software

» Supporting documents
» Company contact


Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

On-Tap UNIX/VMS from ISD is an application-independent bar-code printing utility that allows transportation equipment manufacturers, electronics companies, chemical companies, medical facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, government agencies, and others to print more than 13 different bar-code symbologies and subsets according to industrial standards. On-Tap provides complete control over each bar code's ratio, check digit, height, and plot density, as well as bar-code type, orientation, and human-readable characters.

HP OpenVMS systems give On-Tap the high performance and reliability needed to print large numbers of bar codes quickly and easily. On-Tap takes advantage of the inherent flexibility and adaptability of OpenVMS systems to allow system administrators to fully integrate the utility into heterogeneous environments. On-Tap requires no additional programming during implementation, minimizing deployment time and cutting costs.

» More about On-Tap

Tattoo ID

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

Tattoo ID from ISD is an enterprisewide label design and bar-code printing software package that takes labels through concept, design, approval, quality-assurance, label-validation, and production stages. Tattoo ID helps design and prints labels that must meet strict compliance standards, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC), and the Department of Telecommunications (DOT).

Tattoo ID is designed to quickly scale across the enterprise, a feature enhanced by the scalability of HP OpenVMS platforms. System administrators can leverage reliable, powerful, fault-tolerant OpenVMS systems to secure and store large data volumes vital to meeting industry compliance standards, ensuring 24 x 7 business continuity.

» More about Tattoo ID

Supporting documents

» HP OpenVMS systems application status report

Company contact

Integrated Software Design, Inc.
171 Forbes Boulevard
Mansfield, MA 02048
United States
Tel: +1 (508) 339 4928
Fax: +1 (508) 339 2257
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Michael Aubin
Executive Vice President
Tel: +1 (508) 339 4928
E-mail: maubin@isdweb.com