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iWay Software, an Information Builders Company

iWay Software is a subsidiary of Information Builders, a leader in enterprise business intelligence and real-time Web reporting. iWay accelerates business integration by providing middleware that make service-oriented architectures (SOAs) easy to implement. Thousands of customers in industries ranging from government and healthcare to financial services and telecommunications use iWay technology to transform existing applications into services that can be deployed in an SOA anywhere in the enterprise. iWay adapter software is included with the flagship products of leading software vendors such as BEA and Microsoft®.

iWay Software works closely with HP to ensure that OpenVMS customers have technology that performs beyond expectations within their environments. HP gives iWay access to technology, expertise, and channels to assist in developing and supporting joint HP and iWay solutions based on OpenVMS systems.

» iWay Service Manager—a full-featured, enterprise-class Web services platform
» iWay Universal Adapter Framework—adapters for any information system

» Supporting documents
» Company contact

iWay Service Manager

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

iWay Service Manager is a full-featured, enterprise-class Web services platform that also interoperates with non-Web services architectures. As an open-transport enterprise service bus (ESB), it provides a single platform for service-oriented and event-driven architecture (SOA and EDA), and extends to the design and deployment of business-to-business (B2B) services. With iWay Service Manager, business processes are streamlined by managing reusable services and handling real-time events; integration project timelines are accelerated by using a common graphical user interface (GUI) for codeless interface implementation; and utilization of skilled IT resources is optimized by simplifying skill sets needed for design, deployment, and maintenance of services.

iWay Service Manager consists of graphical service design tools, a distributable runtime engine, and service monitoring capabilities, as well as a comprehensive set of service interfaces that provide easy access to any information system, including the following:

  • Java Message Service (JMS); Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Connector Architecture (JCA); and .NET standards
  • BEA WebLogic Workshop
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • SAP NetWeaver

The unparalleled reliability and security of the HP OpenVMS operating system make OpenVMS platforms the ideal underlying infrastructure for Web-based services. Moreover, the scalability and sheer processing power of HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems support the growth that comes with fully-integrated IT architectures enabled by iWay Service Manager software.

» More about iWay Service Manager

iWay Universal Adapter Framework

Integrity server ready

iWay Universal Adapter Framework is a set of adapters that provide access to more than 300 enterprise information systems, legacy applications, and e-business document formats. It enables the creation of reusable services that can be deployed through virtually any standard or custom channel including Web services, JCA, EDIINT, ebXML, and XML/JMS. With The iWay Universal Adapter Framework, customers preserve mission critical software investments and avoid getting locked into their current application infrastructure decisions. At the same time, they enjoy drastically reduced cost, time, and effort for integrating enterprise applications because the need for custom programming is dramatically less.

iWay Universal Adapter Framework extends the reach of HP OpenVMS Integrity systems, connecting disparate enterprise information assets including packaged applications, mainframe and legacy systems, non-relational data sources, e-business documents, and more. The strong clustering and networking capabilities of the OpenVMS operating system make OpenVMS Integrity systems an especially good infrastructure to host highly interconnected, loosely integrated, SOA-based business information systems enabled by the iWay Universal Adapter Framework.

» More about iWay Universal Adapter Framework

Supporting documents

» HP OpenVMS application status report

Company contact

iWay Software, an Information Builders Company
Two Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10121-2898
United States
Tel: +1 (212) 330 1700
Fax: +1 (212) 564 1726
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Hilda Parker
Sales and Marketing Manager
Tel: +1 (770) 829 6041
E-mail: hilda_parker@ibi.com