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Since 1986, PARSEC Group has served hundreds of consulting clients and trained thousands of technical professionals. They provide exceptional IT consulting, support, and educational services to business customers both large and small. PARSEC Group clients include Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, as well as small- to medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. Students come from as far away as Sweden, Israel, and Korea to participate in PARSEC Group training classes.

PARSEC Group enjoys a strong, strategic partnership with HP, enhancing their ability to bring high-quality HP OpenVMS products and associated training to customers in the most effective way possible. PARSEC Group is an independent HP authorized training partner, and operates three HP authorized technical education centers in the United States (in Denver CO, Dulles VA, and San Jose CA).

» Online System Manager (OSM)—local and remote system monitoring tool
» PARSEC OpenVMS consulting services—performance tuning, system management, and more

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Online System Manager (OSM)

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

Online System Manager (OSM) is a powerful, systems-level software tool that improves productivity and implements a proactive approach to computer management. It monitors multiple systems, local or remote, and notifies the system manager through pager, e-mail, or modem when unusual behavior occurs. OSM also automatically triggers repairs to known, recurring events.

PARSEC OSM complements the strong system management capabilities of HP OpenVMS systems, which include HP OpenView Operations Agent for OpenVMS, HP OpenView Performance Agent (OPA) for OpenVMS, and Management Agents for OpenVMS integration with HP System Insight Manager (SIM). Together, these and other system management tools make HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers among the most easily and thoroughly manageable systems in the industry, lowering the need for expert IT support staff, decreasing costly downtime, and adding profits to the bottom line.

» More about Online System Manager

PARSEC OpenVMS consulting services

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

Since 1986, PARSEC Group has specialized in technical consulting services for DEC, Compaq, and HP platforms, earning international recognition for expertise and responsiveness. Both on-site personnel as well as remote system management services are available. From device drivers to applications to debugging troublesome portions of client code, PARSEC Group delivers efficient, reliable services to many organizations, both nationally and internationally, focusing on HP VAX, AlphaServer, and Integrity platforms using OpenVMS and layered software products.

Typical projects:

  • System performance tuning and capacity planning
  • System management
  • Device driver development
  • Troubleshooting and crash dump analysis
  • Porting and migrating applications
  • Cluster and network architecture and operations analysis
  • Galaxy server system planning and setup

PARSEC Group successfully performs high-level consulting services for clients ranging in size from a single system to more than 3,000 systems. Working in partnership with HP, PARSEC provides solutions optimized for HP AlphaServer and Integrity systems running the reliable, high performance OpenVMS operating system to satisfy almost any business need.

» More about PARSEC OpenVMS consulting services

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site

Company contact

Suite 1725
999 18th Street
Denver, CO 80202
United States
Tel: 1 (888) 472 7732
Fax: +1 (303) 763 9909
» PARSEC Group Web site

Wayne Sauer
Tel: +1 (303) 763 9600
E-mail: sauer@parsec.com