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HP OpenVMS Systems


HP OpenVMS Systems

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RapidGen Software Ltd

RapidGen Software Ltd. assists HP customers in modernization & management of their IT environments. Meta-consultancy services and broad implementation skills as well as proprietary software tools ensure a focus on achieving optimal outcomes for clients. Assessment of risks and proposals for mitigation of these risks is an integral element of the service offered.

RapidGen has in-depth knowledge of HP/DEC hardware and operating systems covering the whole life-span of AlphaServer systems and OpenVMS. This is supplemented by experience in porting applications to Linux and Windows Environments. RapidGen can facilitate the replication of the rich environment of OpenVMS in Linux and Windows environments.

RapidGen offers flexibility of support and modernization assistance for:

  1. Migration
  • Data Migration and Conversion Tools
  • Implementation & Testing
  • Project Management
  • In-depth experience in porting OpenVMS applications to Linux & Windows
  1. Emulation
  • Emulation of AlphaSystems or VAX hardware on Intel based HP Proliant Servers for both OpenVMS & Tru64
  1. Integration
  • Rewriting of Applications
  • RapidGen 4GL Toolset
  • Provision of Data Interfaces to for a large range of file types and Relational Databases
  1. Ongoing support
  • RapidGen can assume on-going support for OpenVMS environments on mature platforms
  1. Free Legacy Systems Assessment

  2. A RapidGen expert will visit you to understand your requirements, check your systems, and prepare a legacy systems assessment report including
  • Current situation
  • Risk assessment
  • Desired outcome
  • Available options
  • Recommendations
  1. Working with Clients

  2. Rapidgen works very closely with its Clients and prides itself in finding cost effective solutions that meet expectations, delivering projects on time and on to agreed budgets.

RapidGen also offers its own software powerful toolset, the “Genius Suite” which features:

  • Application development tools that convert English-like business logic into highly efficient executable programs for legacy and modern IT systems, including OpenVMS and Tru64.
  • The ability to access data from legacy systems, even unknown, undocumented data structures. RapidGen has long experience of interoperability (“Software Plumbing”).
  • A language based on decision tables to run data processing logic and data interfaces natively across legacy and modern operating systems. This allows applications to be developed on one operating system and hardware platform, and be deployed without change across a range of different legacy and modern systems.
  • The ability to produce a variety of file outputs including Excel, JSON, and XML.
  • The Executive Information System includes an easy-to-use Report Writer.

More about the Genius Suite

Supporting documents

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Company contact

RapidGen Management Office
3 Hampton Court Way
Surrey KT7 0LS

Tel: UK 020 7630 9291
International +44 20 7630 9291
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Roger Havell
Director, Business Development
Tel: +44 (0) 07595 326193
E-mail: roger.havell@rapidgen.com