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Raxco Software, Inc.

Raxco Software, Inc. is a leading developer of high-performance systems administration software and resource management solutions for the automotive, technology, telecommunications, banking, healthcare, education, and government sectors. Raxco Software gives system administrators integrated solution sets that provide maximum manageability of existing systems resources.

Raxco is committed to providing high-performance enterprisewide solutions for HP platforms. Raxco tuning, caching, disk defragmentation, and remote control tools for HP technology continue to enhance performance and lower total cost of system ownership, giving clear competitive advantages to companies worldwide.

» Performance Suite, a system maintenance software suite

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Performance Suite

AlphaServer system ready

Performance Suite from Raxco is a comprehensive suite of five system management and maintenance utilities used in the automotive, technology, telecommunications, banking, healthcare, education, and government services industries. Performance Suite helps improve system performance across the enterprise with disk defragmentation and optimization, input/output (I/O) bottleneck prevention, real-time system tuning, and application performance enhancement tools.

Performance Suite includes the following components:

  • PerfectDisk—a complete disk defragmentation and optimization tool with file movement and file optimization placement strategies that safely defragment disks and consolidate free space, reducing time for subsequent defragmentations.
  • UltraDisk—a file defragmentation solution that enables administrators to safely move and defragment open files in cluster or standalone environments, allowing businesses 100 percent uptime during defragmentation.
  • PerfectCache—an I/O throughput tool that performs operations on frequently accessed files in a memory cache as opposed to frequent direct disk access, improving performance of I/O-intensive activities.
  • PerfectTune—a patented system tuner that optimizes memory management by dynamically adjusting a number of system parameters to ensure maximum performance for end users.
  • PerfectFile—a file restructuring tool that automatically optimizes fiber delay line (FDL) parameters, restructures recovery management support (RMS) files, and recovers wasted space, thereby freeing system managers from the tedium of performing RMS file restructuring.

Performance Suite running on HP OpenVMS systems can minimize or eliminate disk fragmentation, major I/O bottlenecks, contention for memory and CPU processing, and workload fluctuation. As a result, the solution reduces total cost of ownership, improves system performance, and improves the productivity of all system users. Together, Performance Suite and OpenVMS gives system administrators a high-availability solution with the load-balancing features required to meet the needs of complex systems with high throughput volumes.

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Supporting documents

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Company contact

Raxco Software, Inc.
Suite 500
6 Montgomery Village Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Tel: +1 (301) 527 0803
Fax: +1 (301) 519 7711
» Raxco website

Joe Abusamra
Vice President of Operations
Tel: +1 (301) 527 0803
» jabusamra@raxco.com