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Software Concepts International, LLC. (US)

Software Concepts International (SCI) is one of the leading providers of highly sophisticated database administration tools and services. Since 1987, SCI has built an international reputation for database expertise to support mission-critical databases for Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, the home of the OpenVMS operating system and Oracle Rdb/CODASYL engineering, SCI offers proven OpenVMS system administration and database administration services based on implementing a "best practices" methodology for managing, maintaining, and enhancing OpenVMS environments. HP partners with SCI to generate solutions that take advantage of the established security, stability, and scalability of the HP OpenVMS operating system.

» Remote Managed Services for OpenVMS –software and remote consulting services
» SCI’s OpenVMS Consulting services – migrations, performance tuning, troubleshooting and much more
» Remote DBA Services for Oracle CODASYL DBMS—software and remote consulting services
» Remote DBA Services for Oracle Rdb DBMS—software and remote consulting services

» Supporting documents
» Company contact

Remote Managed Services for OpenVMS

Integrity Server certified
AlphaServer system ready

Ranging from supplemental support for existing staff to full OpenVMS system management, Software Concepts’ Remote Managed Services for OpenVMS provides a proactive approach to system management to ensure the availability, security and reliability of your mission-critical OpenVMS systems.

Utilizing a combination of custom-tailored software tools and our team of OpenVMS experts SCI’s remote managed services is designed to perform all day-to-day system administration requirements of OpenVMS systems keeping watch over key system resources 24x7. If a problem does occur our team of industry leading experts are automatically alerted in real time allowing them to quickly identify and resolve the issue with minimal to no impact to your business, saving you costly downtime.
The reliability and clustering capabilities of HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems make them ideal choices for hosting high-performance, mission-critical applications. With SCI's exceptional OpenVMS Remote Managed Services tools and processes, users of OpenVMS systems are assured of high availability and minimum downtime for all of your vital corporate systems and applications.
» More about Remote Managed Services for OpenVMS

SCI's OpenVMS Consulting Services

Integrity Server certified
AlphaServer system ready

Founded in 1987, SCI has built a reputation as the leading provider of database and systems management consulting services world wide. Throughout the US, Asia and Europe, many of the world’s largest and most respected businesses rely on SCI's expertise, professionalism and the high standards of their consulting services, for projects such as:

  • Plan, design, execute and manage migrations and upgrades to ensure a smooth and successful transition with minimal down time, if any.
  • Evaluate system and cluster performance to offer recommendations and implement strategic changes to enhance throughput and increase the productivity of your OpenVMS systems.
  • Troubleshooting/Crash Dump Analysis to determine root cause of system failures and assist with resolving the issue to avoid further unexpected interruptions.
  • Operational Analysis to evaluate the current status of the OpenVMS system environment and offer recommendations to increase availability, security and reliability of your OpenVMS systems.
  • CHARON VAX and CHARON Alpha emulation environment installation and maintenance.

SCI offers solutions optimized for Alpha Servers and Integrity systems running the highly reliable, scalable and secure OpenVMS operating system to meet or exceed your most demanding business needs. Consulting services are offered both onsite and remote. SCI's extensive experience with remote consulting and services, combined with a staff that includes former members of the OpenVMS engineering team, people who literally wrote OpenVMS, allows them to not only resolve the issue at hand, but to do so efficiently saving you time and money.

» More about SCI’s OpenVMS Consulting Services

Remote DBA Services for Oracle CODASYL DBMS
Remote DBA Services for Oracle Rdb DBMS

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

Remote DBA Services are a combination of software and remote consulting services that enable outsourcing the administration of Oracle Rdb and Oracle CODASYL DBMS databases. Remote database administration (DBA) support provides around-the-clock monitoring and management, using the best known practices for all database maintenance tasks, producing a significant increase in database availability, performance, and reliability. Core DBA services provided by SCI are necessary for maintaining the health, security, and performance of database environments, and include database backups, restores, analysis, verification, growth monitoring, real-time performance monitoring and reporting, restructuring, crisis management, and corruption repairs.

Optional services:

  • Hot-Standby Database—provides significantly greater disaster protection, while allowing many database maintenance tasks to be offloaded from the production database
  • Reference Database—generates ad-hoc or scheduled copies of production databases for reporting, testing, and "what-if" analysis
  • Active Stall Monitor—automatically identifies and resolves long database stalls
  • Client/Server Manager—dramatically improves database performance by implementing Oracle Rdb and Oracle CODASYL DBMS databases on an OpenVMS cluster, while maintaining the performance advantages of single-node configurations

HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems provide exceptionally secure and reliable IT infrastructures to support enterprise-scale, mission-critical computing needs. Remote DBA Services from SCI ensure that vital databases on OpenVMS systems maintain high performance levels and exceptional data integrity that customers can rely on.

» More about Remote DBA Services for Oracle Rdb and CODASYL DBMS

Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site

Company contact

Software Concepts International, LLC. (US)
Suite 303
30 Temple Street
Nashua, NH 03060
United States
Tel: +1 (603) 879 9022
Fax: +1 (603) 879 9023
» Software Concepts International Web site

Bryan Holland
Tel: +1 (603) 879 9022 ext. 110
E-mail: holland@sciinc.com